A letter to nationallibertyalliance.org / moving the educational effort onto steemit.com

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Here on steemit a new idea has crossed my mind. I am sure that most steemians have this happen on a daily bases. However it continually pops into my mind. It is always in the form of a question. Are we using the steemit system to its maximum potential? Is there not some way to increase its value. Is there something that we are not doing fully? I have learned so much as a steemian. Once the idea crossed my mind it pesters me and interrupts me continually,

nationallibertyalliance.org is a great depository of educational material. One can educate themselves simply by reading and writing essays. In fact that is exactly how I have operated here on steemit.

Taking the wealth of information and writing about it. In essence I, share that wealth with all steemians. For me it is been a opportunity to self examine finding area's for improvement, and there still is lots of room for improvement. Moving from there website to steemit would not only eliminate the cost, but actually turn the whole process on its head. Student could pay in tokens by up voting and commenting. These day those tokens can be converted into other currencies. They also would be able to support financially the committee's of safety by up voting and commenting on their steemit account. 

The environment:

One thing is for sure. Steemians are awesome people to rub up against. It is like being a miner, but instead of digging for a valuable precious metal, one finds themselves amidst the the real treasure's of this plan of existence. Steemians all have pieces of gold locked away in their minds. Here on steemit however it stays not locked away, but is shared and discussed in a kind of buffering process that ads luster to the gold. 

Here on steemit none need be afraid to be wrong as the wrongness ends up having more value than just being right ever could. In point of fact one learns that being right is desired, but being wrong creates the opportunity to get it right. Thus we learn that if we are right no improvement will ensue for there is no where to go. However on the contrary if we are wrong about something another steemian is sure to explain. Passing out the gold in a kind of sharing that was never possible before the internet. 

The greatest singly problem for nationallibertyalliance.org is the funding issue. The maintaining of the website and the provision of material and testing has cost. Moving from there website to steemit would not only eliminate the cost, but actually turn the whole process on its head. Students could make an income for the gold they can share. No need for instructors just go through the material that is already there and let the other Students up vote and comment as a class. Such would turn self improvement into a benefit that takes 7 days to accrue. It also would put education back into the environment as a means and an end. Putting all the material on the block chain would also protect it. Once in the Block Chain there is no known way to delete it or change it. 

A recap:

The benefits of moving nationallibertyalliance.org educational efforts onto steemit.com

  1. Lowers cost in labor.
  2. Protects the material.
  3. Provides income for students
  4.  Provides income for the committee's of safety.
  5. Put's education into the environment. 

I am sure that there are many more benefits too moving the educational effort onto steemit. The real problem with my vision of this is that I have a problem seeing any down side. Thus as always one who is interested must do their own research and discover for themselves what is the truth. 

However should anyone from nationallibertyalliance.org wish to discuss this with me in a real time discussion. We can do so on Discord https://discord.gg/Z6GXr9c

I am not responsible for if you think, how you think, what you think. You Are! If you like my content consider Up Voting and a Follow. Peace!


Just tell them that this is where all the cool (liberty minded) kids are hanging out now.

Yeah that is exactly how I think of most steemians cool liberty minded.

My idea for a pay you university is actually not free. One has to take the time and make a real effort to self educate. The biggest problem in the real world is that really it is not education. I think we have an opportunity to create education that has real time benefits every 7 days. Making an education also an adventure. lol

In two generations, people will look back on our "universities" and govern-cement schools and say, how barbaric.

I have been saying that for 20 years. They are not only barbaric, but the real proof that criminal cartels are running everything.

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I'll be checking them out asap. We can't let good tools go to waste ;)

No we can't and they have like I said in the post an awesome depository of educational material.

Has escrito un muy buen artículo hasta ahora sobre educación. Tengo debilidad en la educación. Porque siempre quiero aprender más de diferentes fuentes. Aunque cuando necesito ayuda con la escritura, busco ayuda de una fuente confiable https://ejemplius.com/muestras-de-ensayos/salud/ ¿Alguna vez probaste este tipo de plataforma para escribir contenido?

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