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Today i will tell you few things you shouldn't do when you get paid.

Lets say you got paid $1000. You may start thinking, "how do i turn this into $2o00 0r even $10000 or more. Or you act like most people,you go to the latest mall in town to get alot of expensive designers.
Alot of people have the very wrong idea and think that money is this thing that you can actually spend of things you want and in a sense, thats true.
But realistically, wealthy people,billionaires and multi-billionaires think of money as a tool to create more money for them.
They think of money as a tool to make wealth. So next time you get a pay check, instead of going out to spend it all, think of it as a tool to make more money.
Another thing is dont spend your money on dumb things.
You need to take cognizance of how much money you earn and how much money you spend. You can actually do this by creating a budget.
Another thing is Dont boast that you got paid
So many people today post themselves holding bunch of money of money on social medias. i see a whole lot of them on instagram,facebook. you shouldnt do that.
why did i say that?
when you keep showing off your wealth on social medias, you attract people. probably you have a friend or relative you haven't talked to in a while maybe 3-4 years. the friend calls and tell you about his/her problems.All because he/she has watched your stories or mobile uploads on social medias.
Often times people who pose to be rich on social medias aren't really rich themselves.
Those who are really rich don't have the time to flaunt their wealth on social medias.
So try not to do these when you get paid.
on my next p
until next time guys,
Happy hustling.

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