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God's love is Infinite.

Yesterday in our class, my subject teacher had given us a task to make a final decision about our career choice. Yes, I wanted to be in a field of medicine which is in Med tech . So I prayed to God that he will help me in making my decision on what career course I will take. That night I made an agreement and I said, "Lord, please send me a sign, a sign that that is much related to Med Tech". That night I dreamed about my fellow schoolmate that she will be graduating for Med Tech. After I woke up I was disappointed because I forgot my dream last night. After that, I opened my facebook and the most unexpected thing happened in that morning is when I saw my Schoolmate's account that she posted something related to Med Tech.

Then I finally remembered and amused of the answered prayer.


So now by God's Guidance and Blessing I will phrsue med tech no matter how hard it is because I really do believe that everything can be learn and I know that I am mature enough to digest lessons and understand them

Really God moves in a mysterious way and he answers prayer sincerely.

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