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I am a Grade 12 student of Negros Mission Academy and honestly I faced different ups amd downs during my Senior High years. For me, this is the most difficult part I've reached, so why did I mentioned the word difficult? I will be mentioning 3 Important things I learned of being a STEM student and some some tips on how to get rid or just prevent the mistakes I've made during my Senior High School years.

  1. Study in advance about the topic.

    All you have to do is just to download a Learning Competencies that are related to your strand. Study in advance so that you will not left behind the train. You can also find some stuff in the library or some books that are related to it. You can also watch videos on youtube especially for specialized subjects like Calculus, Chemistry and Physics. Lastly, always asked questions or share some of your knowledge about a specific topic to your teacher and classmates.

  2. Be organized in your studies.

    There are a lot of stuff you can find in the internet that are much related in organizing your notes and how can you study smarter. In my experienced that during exam I always make a reviewer or some possible questions or types of test. By that I can easily recognize or make a pattern on how I'm going to identify it scientifically (Wow! BIG WORD) and you know what I really hate memorizing because after all you've memorized some stuff, after the exam you can easily forget all about it.

  3. Never Compent but set your standards and ask for God's guidance and blessing.

    The goal of every institution is to make their product useful to the society. Aiming for high grades rather than what you've understand and learn is a complete fool. But set your marks high and aim for the standards that you've set because that will be the basis of your potential a purposive human in our society. Again, always ask for God's guidance and blessing make him your Path finder because he will make a way for you.

P.S. Everything can be learn.

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