Playboy To Exit Facebook: Another chance for Steemit to get more market share?

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Do you know that Karma can strike ruthlessly? Remember few weeks ago (see my older posts for details) I posted about Facebook ban on all crypto adverts due to their fake reason of protecting their members from the evil scams of crypto´s. Now it is clear that Facebook plus its capitalist gangs (Google, Tweeter , banks et al) are the evil doers not crypto platform like steemit or Elyte ( ) .
Moreover, current campaign to delete Facebook accounts is being promoted on tweeter -see my former post here for details

Most recently, according to CNBC news

Playboy suspends activity on Facebook in wake of the data scandal
Playboy said Wednesday that it would be exiting Facebook and deactivating each of its accounts.
Cooper Hefner, Playboy's chief creative officer and son of the late Hugh Hefner, called Facebook "sexually repressive."
Calls to delete Facebook have taken momentum in the wake of the data sharing scandal.


Pic source

Conversely, however, I do understand that many people will say that Playboy do not have the moral authority to accuse Facebook of immoral behavior due to its business segment- however do not forget that playboy is a top brand and has millions of community behind it, so this issue is a big deal.
In light of all these issues and negative press against Facebook, don’t you guys see a once in life time opportunity for steemit inc to boost its advert in targeting Facebook members (let them know that there is a place they can make some money with their data`s , learn about cryptos and meet smart people) and even make this platform more appealing to top companies and common masses? Here are some few points:

Go for Opportunity: It is argued that opportunity comes but once, therefore as Facebook is having these issues, it is time for all steemians to inform their contacts to move to steemit. Moreover, it is also time for steemit to make this platform more appealing to new members , reward minnows more (those with good contents) through its upcoming Hfork 20 which will make it possible to open an account without delay , take care of scammy bots, be more appealing to communities and friends -chat / sharing of information.

Conclusion: My aim is not to kill Facebook because it will never happen. In fact millions of people will continue to share their childhood pictures, selfies, children pictures, fake news and gossips on Facebook (which is good). However, Facebook demise is an opportunity for steemit to gain more market share in social media segments , however we all have to act.

Do you agree? Send in your comments . Resteem in order to reach more people and upvote to send in your support.

Click here and read my former post:Time to Delete Facebook and Move to Steemit

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Woff, woff! 🐶

I like Koreans ..hahaha and nice doggy.

This is indeed an opportunity to get many Facebook members onboard steemit . However as you rightfully indicated, sign up time must be solved including making here more appealing for new and older members and not only few elites. Good post indeed, upped-100%

Wow good point is surely the time to be proactive and get move them facebook members least the good ones hahaha

Wow! What a photo! Without words!

Playboy died with Hugh!

Awwww am not sure of that...many men still like seeing beautiful women isnt it?

Playboy died when Hugh's daughter, last November, decided to put a man in the centerfold. Insulting and disgusting.

What is so funny, bot?

This is one of the best post i have read on steemit. I will go down on my knees and pray to God for playboy to delete all its accounts on Facebook. I have been on Facebook since early 2008 and have wasted thousands of naira on data without something to show for it in return. There was a time i am on Facebook into the middle of the night on daily basis, the end result is that the quick wit gets billions and sleeps tight while i am not too far from where I started. Steemit is the real deal and I support boycotting of Facebook by all and sundry especially a financial mogul like playboy. Thank you for sharing.

Very good point, I feel your pain too...More success to you here.

Even Zuckerberg is getting on board with Steemit.

Wow, that will be gooooooooddddd. Hahaha but we can do without him.

super funny but indeed we don't need these sort of people just there users

Do we really need him on steemit? I think it will be better for him to steer clear of this community, he is not cut out for a community like steemit.

The power of the Steemit community will never allow Zuckerberg to be successful on Steemit.

Unless you pay, it's worth very little

Facebook is the most popular social media. Now Facebook will find it very hard to hold its position.

Point, especially after all its greed

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Saw the light when I came on board here. Don't think I've been on facebook since I got here, it's simply a waste of time there.

Good point

a few days ago I also posted and supported the campaign #deletefacebook and #joinsteemit
because obviously a better and useful steemit in the future,
I will resteem this post @charles1

I posted about the same topic 2 days ago...thanks and more success to you

Bullshit FB,
Now FB is a hilarious thing
Steemit is the real boss amongst all social media. 100% agreed with you

Good point however Fb members have to know about steemit

yes you are right now we have to pay attention of FB user to join steemit by posting some good content on FB

El Karma por lo que se ve existe, pues siempre eres responsables de tus acciones las cuales se regresarán a ti, y Facebook está pagando en este momento el ataque despiadado y mal intencionado que ha orquestado en contra de las criptomonedas, es cierto no va a desaparecer, pero puede perder una buena parte de su audiencia que espero la ganemos en Steemit.

Karma by what you see exists, because you are always responsible for your actions which will be returned to you, and Facebook is paying at this time the ruthless and ill-intentioned attack that has orchestrated against cryptocurrencies, it is true that it is not going to disappear, but you can lose a good part of your audience that I hope will win it in Steemit.

Good point and time to take up the opportunity

You have a good point @Charles1
In dew time ,facebook will no longer interesting to the users anymore .though, some will still be using it, but not in the same standard as steemit.

Yes I agree...thanks

Facebook and most other platforms feed off their users without compensating at all, the only platform that gives back, somewhat, is youtube, I have realised this many years ago, and have slowly removed myself form them by not posting for ages.

Then was pleasantly surprised to find a platform such as @steemit, which holds the same ethos and philosophies which I hold with regard for all it's users from the start.

happy steeming
stay blessed.

You are correct, thanks for your comment

'Hfork 20 which will make it possible to open an account without delay , take care of scammy bots, reward minnows more (those with good contents)'

I will need to take a look at the hardfork details.. very interested in what it has to say about minnows and content. I have very recently raised a few points in another post here about some of the things I have noticed being a reletively new Steem user.

Very good point indeed..I posted about HFork 20 few months ago...success to you

Facebook has become a site for profit only is no longer a social site
There are many alternatives that will fall Facebook
He will lose a lot

Good point hence why steemit has to shine more

thank you nice post follow you :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

what is nice about the

One of the news headlines:
Cambrige analytika
"We need to protect your information, and if we can not, we do not deserve this job."


Elon Musk and Hefner's son first said what they thought.

And then the stock markets ..

Do not touch privacy (without permission).
Facebook has hit the trust of the user (trust is difficult to build and easily lost).
It is time for others to get a chance (maybe is a STEEMIT order?).

I agree...steemit!!!!!

Now I´m just waiting for some nice uncensored Pictures. I´m sure that will bring a lot more people to Steemit.

Hahahah I agree

I think Steemit can definitely gain at FB demise. But the nuances of how Steemit runs with its platform is so different than FB. Here its more blogging and over there its more social interaction . I don't think the way you can find people and interact with them on FB will ever be duplicated by anyone else.

Good point , however it can be done if steemit adds more attractive features ...

Amazing opportunity for Steemit. In my opinion, Facebook doesn't have to go completely out of business for Steemit to succeed and do well so why not embrace the golden opportunity handed us.

I agree...Steemit inc has to be proactive before it is too late

An interesting post. Thanks for sharing.

Welcome and what do you like about the post?

All good news for Steem, if Steemit even gets 1% of facebooks business its going to be a multibillion-dollar website

Playboy, tesla, spaceX theres a space for you on Steem! We welcome you with open arms

I agree...that will be great indeed.

I never liked facebook. If you wanted to message random women to try to see if you get some numbers, facebook would suspend you from sending messages. It was a HUGE cock block. Myspace wouldn't do that and nobody complained.

The only reason zuckerfag did that is because some of the females in his circle of friends told him it was annoying getting cold call messages from strangers, but 5 or 10 females DO NOT SPEAK FOR THE MAJORITY. So fuck facebook, cockblocking pieces of shit.

I agree with cant even flirt there? damn!!!! hahaha

I agree with your opinion,
hopefully the future of steemit is brighter and more successful,
I will share this post @charles1

Welcome , and more success to you

I totally agree with you, Charles. However, it's difficult to convince my friends who have Facebook accounts to move to Steemit because of the "language".

Keep trying and shoing them your success. More success to you.

Thanks a lot, @charles1! You're such a nice person. Bless you more!

We soon see ... what happens ... and when it all comes out soon, and everyone sees what google are doing... Then it go more big :)))

I own is also bad...keep steeming to more success

Yes your'e right @charles1 we do not need to kill facebook, because time will kill it. All that we have to do now is to inform our friends about steemit

I am here like


I love it😀


I like the picture😁😀

Steady and extraordinary your post, add knowledge and I like your post, thank you for sharing

what do you like about the post?

Great post! Enjoyed reading it, I've also written a post on how we can get over facebook with blockchain. Also for anyone who wants to check I'm giving away some SBD today for more info check my posts.

What do you like about the post?

I enjoyed your viewpoint that Playboy should not be dissed on taking a stance due to a lack of perceived morality. As well I do agree that the crypto ads ban is a fake moral stance. Amway, Herbal Life and other MLMs can advertise and are not considered dangerous for the consumer.

Good point, I agree

don't know how to describe this, but this is absolutely boom..

Can you elaborate?

nice article. Keep it up!

what is nice about the article?

I mean I like Playboy :()

why? however I do like them too haha



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Morality? Please! Otherwise good post!

what is good about the post?

I think we all wish them rapid demise. No I'm not a bot lol

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nice post I like

what do you like about the

Yes, I like your post

Who is going to introduce Steemit to them?

You and me

Haha. I dont even know my community leaders, so how do i do that?

I stopped defending Playboy after last November's centerfold was a MAN! They insult their readers and heterosexuals in general. Fucking disgusting. Heffner's daughter is an idiot.

Which one? I guess he has many daughters

Not sure...whichever one was responsible for making the "executive" decision, as I heard it told.

Damn if we can get a hold of them girls, they will be nice for a date isnt it?


What is nice about the post?

It would be a pity, because it is one of the best platforms we use.

Oh dear , what a pity

There is old saying about 'You reap what you sow'
Facebook will get what it deserves, sooner or later!

Point, I agree

Why did you use KR tags?

Because They are part of steemit isnt it? the post is meant for steemians

If you use KR tag, please add at least Korean translation text please.


hahaha....I like the dog

nice post sir. restemeed and upvote!! :)

what is nice about the post?

Your comment about facebook
I agree with you

전혀이해가안돼! 한국말로 써야해 kr 태그는

Read the message from Korean doggy above

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That one on the far left is super cute. .

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Hola @charles1
Totalmente de acuerdo.
En lo particular estoy tirando a Facebook para el pote.
A mis amistades las he estado invitando a diario a steemit.
Saludos y Gracias


Hello @ charles1
Totally agree.
In particular I'm pulling Facebook to the pot.
I have been inviting my friends to Steemit every day.
Greetings and thanks
Excuse my English. jajajajajaja

Point, more success to you

The same to you, thanks

Maybe, word of sexy ready move to steemian. Last day, im see the steemian who make it post with her body will open (not clothes).