Eclipse of the Moon

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tonight in indonesia people can see firsthand the rare phenomenon of lunar eclipse.

Not only in Indonesia alone, maybe overseas is also the same with the rare phenomena that occur tonight in Indonesia.
The province of Aceh itself advises Muslims to fulfill the lunar eclipse prayer in connection with the **eclipse of the Moon** throughout Indonesia.
the aceh community itself performs sunna prayer khusuf (eclipse of the Moon) in the mosque and musala at the time of the lunar eclipse occurs, or done after the Isha prayer is completed.
On January 31, 2018, the inhabitants of Earth will be presented with a series of extraordinary and rare natural phenomena that occur.
That phenomenon, the first eclipse convergence Supermoon Blood Blue in 152 years.
The last time this phenomenon occurred when the total lunar eclipse coincided with the Blue Moon on March 31, 1866.
Supermoon occurs when the Full Moon is at the point of nearest orbit to Earth.

hopefully be a wisdom for us all

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