Sharing time with nature, then you will know who you really are.

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Greetings steemian

My best wishes to all my friends, hopefully in good health.

Everyone has their own way of looking for identity for a better life. Some spend their time having fun, some spend their time to worship and peace with nature. Basically, the nature of humans is never satisfied with what they have obtained, depending on whether we can control ourselves or not.

On this occasion I would like to tell you about what I have done while working freely, certainly not an easy thing to do but worth doing. I am aware that the more we are mature in thinking, of course about the purpose of life. After entering into an outdoor activist organization, I began to realize that identity needed to be sought. I began to search and keep looking, whether it was going to climb mountains and other natural activities.

Every time I go camping, mountain climbing and going to other free activities I get a lot of lessons. For example in everyday life we are required to live independently without having to bother others, I get it there. I am getting excited, because the direction and purpose of my life has begun to appear. In the jungle I found many things, of course I got what I didn't get in my daily life.

I hear sweet singing, prosperous life, no chaos, harmonious and peaceful life. I can feel it with them. Sharing time with nature is really fun, I can really do myself. I am just a small lump in the midst of the vast expanse of God's Creation. Do you know what I'm doing? prostrate, thank you for all His creation.


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Wao..nice forest to do hiking and it so much

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Kayak lagi suasana konflik dulu, abang mantan kombatan atau memang petualang atau keduanya? :)

Saya hanya petualang @ayuramona

Jadi ingat bang Din Minimi aja kalau suasana hutan begitu :) :)

Hahahaha, ngeri lah kalau Bg Din Minimi...

Tapi bang Din, the real petualang haha

Ya, tapi konyol.... hahahaha

Hahahaha, opssss juga

Terimakasih bang @bonesumpal.

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Sama2... thanks juga @arteem sudah dukung saya.

I also love nature. It sadden me when I visit a nice place, and see people littering around. Why can't they act like civilized people, I often ask myself. That's just cruel, i think, littering. What do you think, brother?

they are not aware, so they are my brothers. ha ha ha
Awareness that is in ourselves is enough, admonish them if possible. I often meet like that too, I admonish them and advise them.

I basically just kill them (in my imagination). 😀

hahahaha, sometimes i also think so. When I advised them to fight instead, I wanted to feel like I was killing. hahahaa

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