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If the fine stories move our hearts, fine manners win our admiration Good manners are a gentle man from an uncultured rustic.

That is why he has said it A man is considered down on If you want to create a good impression on those with whom you mix or come in contact, you can do so by your good manners.

Other merits are often in the foreground. Very often people judge you by your manners It is so that for many people, the first impression is created by manners. Your solid virtues like intelligence and learning will not always be called into play; but your man Lord Chesterfield, one of the best courtiers that England has produced, says that good manners are the other virtues; They are the best advantages Even polished brass will pass on more people than rough gold, says he, and adds, it is better to shine like tinsel than to weight like lead.

We often find real life that a polished villain or a worthless person with good manners creates a better impression than a substantial person or part of a man who lacks the good manners of polish.

We are often judged by our 'dress and address' ie our manners. It has been aptly said that, courtesy costs nothing and buys everything.

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Everybody need good manners for become a gentle man.