Replacing Universities with Blockchain

in education •  last year


In the Information Age, people can literally learn a profession for free, but they need to be tested for the broadness, depth and accuracy of their knowledge.

If a reputable nonprofit group, could organize exams for a fee, and then publish the names of passers in a public blockchain registry, for employers around the world to easily access Transcripts of Records, maybe then we could have affordable universal tertiary education across the world; it could even encourage countries to move toward universal standards for professions.

It's just an idea, maybe we can have some discussion, improve on it and change the world of higher education by making it affordable to almost anyone, anywhere..

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there is already Massive Open Online Courses offered by universities through websites like EdX and Coursera


You've misunderstood. This is completely different. I'm talking about letting people learn from whatever resources they can find anywhere on the Internet or elsewhere. Then letting them prove their competency through an international registry of exam passers.