A Valuable Lessons

in #education4 years ago

Not all of us have a good start, some of us are wrongly chosen, wrong in doing, slipping in immorality and sin in life. Then when da'wah comes to us, from whomever it is, it is from Allah that the guidance comes, and we are lucky to reach it.


Among the companions there are those who used to draw a sword to fight against those who believe, and Allah grants guidance, he is the sword of God that is unsheathed. Not only that, Allah folded all of Persia and half Roman into parts of Islam through his hands, Khalid bin Walid will always remember.

There was also Umar bin Khaththab who was once a great threat to the Muslims and the Messenger of Allah, but Allah gave him guidance, became Al-Faruq, the difference. Now he is lying next to his lover Mohammed, in the Nabawi Mosque, his name is spoken of as the just Caliph, wise, firm and gentle and merciful.

Do not you see who a person is before repentance, but look at why Allah gave him guidance to goodness, which God may have us see. God gives him the goodness of moving from the path of evil to the path of Islam, but we sometimes can not see the good because our eyes are accustomed to see the ugliness.

Look at who he emigrated, that's the main thing. Remember, if God wants a good person, Allah will faqihkan him in religion, God easily him. So who do we comment on those who want to obey but tattooed? Maybe we are not tattooed, but our speech is far from God's guidance, far from prejudice of goodness.

Really the charity is ultimately determined, the repentant thug is khusnul khatimah, lest we die in a state of no good, we take refuge from such. Those who are remembered are those who want to emigrate to Allah, pursue the roads of goodness again regretted the immorality that he had made, that is what we salute and must be imitated.


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