Organizing ideas through intelligent reading

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As a student we are looking for precise strategies that allow us to capture each of the knowledge required to achieve the final goal, because, when you are in the undergraduate (university) stage, many authors are required to acquire teaching with a view to the evaluations. In my particular case, I have progressed successfully by applying certain strategies that allow me to organize ideas through intelligent reading. I have decided on this day to share what has been successful for my studies. I have applied a method of 4-step studies, which are; explore, read, ask and summarize.

To explore. When confronting us in the learning of a topic we find a diversity of authors who think about it; for that reason it is necessary to recognize the vision of the authors that most adapt with what has really been of our interest, this we can do it by reading the prolog of each book since here we will observe the point of view of the author on the topics or the subject to be treated, likewise the central object of our reading must not be lost, for this we can ask ourselves: does the book work for us, or should we consider another?

Read. As I mentioned in my previous publications, we must make the most of reading, if necessary at the time of reading learning, we can take notes, highlight what is most relevant to us, make diagrams, diagrams. That is, actively read to recognize what is the essence of reading and what it contributes to our prior knowledge.

Ask. At this point, what I am looking for is to force people to think and reflect, that is, to have our own demands with the author, showing that their opinions may or may not coincide with those of other authors and in turn awaken in us the need for deep inquiry that allows us to recognize the learning we need.


Summarize. At this point I try to recite what I have read, that is, to link our teaching in depth with memory; remembering the idea of the author and at the same time interpreting to make one's own opinion, since this will allow us to correct the erroneous data we had about a subject, while allowing us to facilitate our attention to what was visualized and save time in the learning. With this I do not intend, to indicate that one must study memorizing, but on the contrary doing reading that allows to extend the knowledge without compromising the interpretation of the studied thing. In addition, this will give us the opportunity to review the knowledge acquired, either through the notes or by reading another book that will provide us with the observation of the same topic, verifying each detail and expanding it, because we will find point of views different

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