My Harvest In The School .. Hands To The Active Sowing !!

in education •  7 months ago

Hands to planting has been a magnificent work launched in all schools in the community, Greetings to all my friends STEEMIT I show some fruits cared for during the holidays and harvested for children ..

Pumpkin harvest ..

Parchita harvest..

Beet harvest...

My Children will soon enjoy our fruits made with love ..

Everything we do with love, is harvested with much more love ... here in VENEZUELA we must learn to harvest our food, take care of the plants and the earth ..

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Hi @andrina, this is a very impressive result by teachers and students! happy that they will get the best veggies and fruits, what a great performance. wish you great success in the new school year! myself now probably not going to post a kitchen contest, rather going to post a letters puzzle soon, create words (English and Spanish allowed) from letters, i change my mind all the time, see you then!


Friend @leeuw a pleasure to say hello, if this was the harvest of the holidays .. do not take pots to children because they have not joined, it is a rural area and they extend their holidays hahahaha I find it great a puzzle of letters my head already gives Do you think about how that would be, similar to a soup of letters? something complicated .. thank you I hope to start Monday with my students !! Greetings we are

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