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Greetings my dear friends of Steemit .. Today I dared to show you a little of the creativity of the teachers in VENEZUELA ..

Thanks to my friend @leeuw who supported me and helped to collaborate with my children...You're a great human being..

For nobody is a secret the economic crisis for the passing of the country already mentioned, so that teachers lack of resources, we have to manage to develop the learning of children of school age.

This is a 2nd grade student who has not yet developed the literacy process, in turn, his parents do not have the resources to buy the books and notebooks.

I was able to buy white sheets for children, if you can see that book is very well known in this country ... It is a book called MY GARDEN with which most students start reading.

In the absence of money he had the initiative to draw and hand-assemble the book and thus be able to help all the children, hopefully with just one enough, it takes work and the materials are expensive, but it is for a good cause ..

The books although many do not know are fundamental in education at all educational levels and throughout the world .. they help us to read to grow and to know as people and professionals .

You have to live the reality but never abandon the studies, the children have to be educated both at home and in the schools. Thank you for your attention!

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Hello andrina, a beautiful work, working with children must be beautiful they are the future of the world, having created the books yourself is excellent, because despite so many shortcomings that we have in Venezuela we still have people fighting shows of this is what you do for your students

@Leeuw is an extraordinary human being, God will reward you in health and life everything you do in this beautiful platform.

Friend, you are a sun, amid so much darkness!


Thank you very much friend @jennimorillo is not yet finished but we hope to finish it, and if my friend @leeuw is a sun and not from peru a big heart sun .. greetings and thanks for paying attention to my blog ..

Hermosa labor, en oportunidades anteriores, auspiciado por la Fundación del Niño tuve la oportunidad de colaborar con las escuelas rurales me entristecía ver a los niños hasta descalzos y con hambre asistir a sus escuelas, te felicito por esa loable labor que te enaltece ante los ojos de Dios, de verdad naciste para guiar y prender la luz de la sabiduría, me impresiona el hecho de elaborar el libro que llenara de sabiduría al futuro del país, ahí debería poner todo su empeño el gobierno nacional, no darles el pescado sino enseñarles a pescar, y no ocuparse de tantas banalidades, de nuevo mis felicitaciones extensivas hasta el amigo @leeuw que tiene un gran corazón y Dios le triplique para que puedas seguir en esa causa tan noble como es ayudar al prójimo saludos @andrina


Muchas gracias amiga @perlanacarada y si cada dia vivo las necesidades que tienen mis niños en la escuela y para mi es un placer ayudarlos, con poco pero para ellos es agradecido y suficiente aunque me gustaría darles mucho mas.. la razon mi permanencia aqui en VENEZUELA es porque me gusta mi trabajo aunque seamos mal pagados, soy docente con vocación y disposición.. y si muy agradecida con mi amigo @leeuw

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Very impressive work, sealed into - and rewarded by - worthy curators / commenters and the STEEM blockchain for the ages! Thank you @andrina!

This post received an upvote by @leeuw using vote selling agency smartsteem of 5 STEEM. In 6 days this vote will be returned into @andrina's wallet according to the 'Pending Payout' of 50% SP, 50% SBD plus dividends about 6%, hopefully better (i've seen vote-buying dividends going up into the 20% and 30% lately due to steem's increased rewards pool)


Hello Friend @leeuw again enormously grateful with you as my children do, I was somewhat busy in school I could not see until now the mnsj .. thank you very much again I feel happy with my work and that you like ... every day deal to innovate the learning so that they learn more than usual greetings to all and thanks for your support!


thanks, i am sure that your kids learn more than usual with @andrina's excellent teaching!

Nice! Knowledge is power!