Strengthen immunity in children

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Strengthen immunity in children

Strengthen immunity in children

Young people are most susceptible to diseases and viruses, due to their vulnerability because of their continued growth. If a child is constantly suffering from colds and colds, ear infections, tonsillitis, and some stomach problems such as diarrhea or constipation, However, it is possible to follow the following methods to strengthen immunity in children.

Ways to strengthen immunity in children


Breastfeeding is one of the most natural methods that strengthen children's immunity. It is scientifically proven that they can strengthen immunity because they contain all the elements, vitamins, minerals and antibodies that the child needs to form and strengthen the immune system. Therefore, they are breastfed until they reach the age of less. Susceptible to tonsillitis, throat and flu who have not breastfed.


A healthy, balanced diet that contains fresh fruits and vegetables, and protein-rich foods such as meat and eggs, as well as home-cooked foods rather than prepared foods. Eating too much sweets, sugars and soft drinks leads to obesity and lack of concentration. Pomegranate, apple, carrot, dates, beans, potatoes, oranges and strawberries are recommended for feeding after two or two hours of mealtime.


Sleeping sleep increases immunity, especially in newborns, who need about 18 hours of sleep per day. Older children need 10-12 hours of sleep per day, with the importance of getting a nap during the day, avoiding late night vigilance, and waking up. Early.


It is best to practice exercising at a young age until it becomes a lifestyle. Walking or jumping can be done. The sport helps to stimulate blood circulation and thus strengthen the immune system in the body.

Fresh air

Children should be constantly exposed to clean and invigorating air, away from polluted air and cigarette smoke, and to expose the child to the sun in a balanced way to get the vitamin D needed to strengthen their bones and skin, with the importance of exposing the sleeping bed to the sun and ventilation.

the love

The child's positive emotional state plays a positive role in strengthening immunity and vice versa.

Healthy habits

It is very important to teach your child to follow healthy and correct hygiene habits, such as washing your hands before and after eating, after entering the bathroom and after playing, not getting close to people with illnesses, washing your teeth, keeping them clean after eating meals and taking care not to eat any kind of exposed foods , Washing vegetables and fruits before eating them, and bathing daily with changing underwear.


You should avoid giving the child any antibiotics without consulting the doctor with the appropriate dose for the child, and not give it against the parents, because this leads to reduced immunity.

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very comprehensive , continue with the great job .

children are very important. winter is very cold.especially in winter, because they can strengthen their immune system and make them less sick. informations very good. Thanks

Children should be cared for and avoided by all possible impairments

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