How to anime my child's intelligence

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How to anime my child's intelligence


The concept of intelligence was clearly expanded during the first decade of the twenty-first century, as the concept was no longer limited to the individual's abilities, scholastic abilities and scientific achievement; rather, the concept illustrated new areas and aspects that were neglected in calculating and measuring intelligence. New and manifestations of social skills, emotional, cultural, and others, and modern research is characterized by intelligence and measurements by being confined to three main aspects, the first is the comprehensiveness of the concept and breadth, as this side discusses the definitions of intelligence and its contents and Zach as a behavior, as this side seeks to reach a clear understanding of the foundations of intelligence and its base of biological and cultural factors affecting it like the factors in particular. [1]

The second aspect examines the dynamism of intelligence and its development, in order to prove the flexibility of the concept and its ability to increase and decrease according to the individual's use with the influences and variables. The growth of intelligence and its saturation is no longer relevant to the modern age group from childhood to adolescence, new assessments depends more sophisticated, built on what is possible from the interactions between the individual and its environment and its potential and skills acquired in learning and training, and marketed the concept of the third aspect of intelligence Ktefaal penny inflicted in various sciences, studies and knowledge, as The importance of newly intelligence workers are limited to psychology, but the concept is the Almighty between science centered on several networks interested in the new composition and harmonic formula. [1]

The concept of intelligence

The concept of intelligence generally refers to the cognitive traits and public abilities possessed by the individual, and can be employed in achieving a particular purpose with the accompanying logical thinking skills, the individual's interactions with his environment effectively, and the intelligence can not be observed directly, Words and behaviors that are highly effective in the sign of intelligence and skill. The term is generally ambiguous; it is a composition that helps individuals to interpret behaviors, solve problems, and do not appear by direct observation. [2]

How to anime my child's intelligence

The intelligence is varied and imagined in many types, one of which may appear in the family member and not in the other, while others have other types of intelligences, which makes the individuals are all intelligent positions and places and different times, and shows the intelligence of children to possess certain abilities reflected in their dealingsAnd their skills in information analysis, knowledge acquisition, problem solving, understanding and analysis of attitudes, as well as the child's intelligence in his behavior and daily behavior, his use of educational environments, and their implications for his personality. The child's intelligence is acquired by the genetics acquired by his parents first, and then he grows or delays in the interaction of the environment in which the child is living with his genetic readiness. This results in progress and increased intelligence of the child if heredity is accompanied by care and training; The environment is cold and idle. It is worth mentioning that the effect of the surrounding environment weakens as the individual progresses in age. [3]

The child's intelligence can be used to monitor his activities, behaviors, and observations. The children's intelligence is characterized by general behavioral indicators, which are characterized by happiness, curiosity and enjoyment of play. These indicators are used to diagnose the child's condition and to distinguish it, so as to evaluate the child's intelligence and measure if his behavior shows a positive or negative deviation, And depends on the tests and measures of intelligence prepared very carefully and scientific methods, and can develop the intelligence of the child by taking into account the needs of food and the needs of his brain knowledge and skills , and here are some useful ways to develop the intelligence of children: [3 ]

  • Reading a story or topic that benefits the child and enriches his mind daily before he sleeps.

  • Encourage children's interests, care and respect for their curiosity and satisfaction.

  • To identify, think, occupy, stimulate, and motivate the child's personality.

  • Try to identify the mechanisms and strategies appropriate to his education and suit his style of thinking and abilities.

  • Encourage and encourage your child to learn a technical, musical or interactive skill .

  • Involving the child in discussions and dialogues of home and family that are important and appropriate for his thinking, and allowing him to pursue constructive and purposeful patriarchal dialogues, educational and scientific subjects.

  • Spending time with children is an important and powerful incentive for developing and strengthening children's intelligence. Close proximity and parenting of their children contribute to strengthening and sustaining the child's emotional bonding and developing and improving brain growth.

  • Encourage the child to exercise and regularity, and give him enough space to express his personality and discovery through free games and constructive, and help him to interactive learning and affect and address situations and explore and exchange ideas and explore.

  • The child's upbringing is independent from the parents' perceptions, outlook and aspirations towards the future of their child and what they want him to be, relying on the child's direction and love and training, with the inherent insight and guidance and knowledge of what he needs to build himself and provide the potential that he needs to learn and love for him.

  • The participation of mental and skill games that contribute to the maturation of his imagination and expand his perception, such as games comparison and exchange roles and differentiation and others.

  • The child's happiness and security of the school and the educational environment are the responsibility of the school. The institution is required to take into consideration learning activities based on play and interaction, and to provide the child with self-confidence, safety and happiness. Is heavy and boring. [4]

  • Demonstrate interest in children, their skills and creations, and strengthen and support their leadership abilities. [5]

  • Encouraging the child to learn and memorize the Quran, memorize it, understand its verses and interpret it, and understand its signs and messages and think about it. The Holy Quran refers to creation and science. It stimulates the brain to develop, grow and activate, which positively reflects the abilities and intelligence of the child . [6]


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By Hiba Attabbae


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