10 daily steps to become more mentally strong

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10 daily steps to become more mentally strong

The power of reason

The human brain has a remarkable ability to develop and change continuously in a lifetime; that is, the ability to develop mental abilities and intelligence at any age. You must remember that poor mental abilities are not associated with any age, but what happens most of the time is that the mind weakens with age As a result of non-activation and training of mind and laziness, so we will present in this article ten steps daily to become stronger mentally.

Ten daily steps to become more mentally strong


Exercising daily, moderately and regularly, such as exercise, walking, and running, to increase oxygen in the blood and stimulate blood circulation within the body so that oxygen can reach the brain significantly.

enough sleep

Adequate sleep at night should be observed while sleeping at midday for a full hour. Sleeping at night is not enough for the mind as it becomes tired and needs to be restrained.


Be sure to join several panel discussions that include a variety of ideas and opinions, or follow up on many programs that analyze the different events in the world. People who follow different news channels are more present and more open than people who follow one or two news channels.


Be careful to read even if you do not tend to, you should read a book at least after the annual visit to the annual book exhibition and select a book of the best books published during the year.

Eat chocolate

Eat a piece of dark chocolate daily:

  • Reduce the incidence of Alzheimer's disease; to enrich it with antioxidants and flavonoids.

  • Helps to reduce the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood, which protects the arteries from the sclerosis causing memory impairment.

Eat spices

This is added to the food, especially turmeric, coriander and cumin; spice reduces the deterioration of mental abilities. Reduce the use of electronic devices This is done by not relying entirely on the use of laptops, mobile phones, iPads and other smart technological devices that make a person depend on them and dilute his intelligence.

Rely on memory

Gradually remove the paper and pen to give the memory a chance to save important appointments and phone numbers.

Consider nature

Scientific studies have shown that relaxation and meditation improve memory and make it better than taking medication.

Important tips to strengthen the mind

  • An internal satisfaction that achieves psychological peace and increases the person's ability to analyze and assimilate, thus making him have better mental abilities.

  • Exposure to sunlight daily.

  • Organizing and arranging ideas.

  • Drink plenty of water.

  • Laughter and get rid of stress and problems.

  • Take care to eat breakfast daily.

By Samiha Nasser Khalifa

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Happy to say I follow most of these, the sleep part has been a little hard this time of year, I'm pretty sure I suffer from seasonal depression a bit where I live. and this leads to late nights for no reason and late mornings for having no reason to get up. Counting down the days till its warm again.

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