Getting Accepted To The College Harder To Get Into Than Harvard

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I still remember my first time eating at this Japanese Restaurant with the food being prepared in front of my eyes. Delicious. It was December 2016 and I was visiting my family in Mexico, as this was my second Summer Break from the University of Cape Town (South Africa). After a nice dinner we got into our car and started heading home, when I received an email from an organization I had totally forgotten about: Minerva Schools at KGI.

I had applied to the school a few weeks earlier in order to look at different educational opportunities, but did not want to get my hopes up high. I mean, the school's acceptance rate was less than 1.9% this year. With hesitation I unlocked my phone and opened the email. Was I accepted or denied? The odds were not to my favor. However, neither option was mentioned in that email. Instead, it provided a link leading me to a video. I have to admit, the video felt like a lifetime, as it kept on telling me about all the amazing statistics of Minerva and the opportunities that lay ahead. A lot of really interesting information but not what I wanted to know at that moment. Did I make it?

Finally the video started to disappear, revealing this letter:

Inkedacceptance letter_LI.jpg

I must admit though, it wasn't an easy choice to leave everything behind and start University all over again. Classes will start next month and I am super excited to see what's to come.

Thinking of blogging about my time there, what do you think? Also, do you think it was the right choice to do leave my old Uni to go to Minerva?

Let me know about it in the comments!

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Dennis congrats on getting into one of the most competitive universities in the world :)) It'll be your one of the best choices you've ever made for sure hehe
Really looking forward to seeing what we can build throughout the next 4 years!

Thank you so much madison! Super excited about what lays ahead

WOW.. that is incredible ..
Following you brother..


Wow! I know KGI, but have been away long enough that I hadn't heard of Minerva. I'm impressed (after reading the wikipedia article). Good luck and I'm following - hope to hear more about your experiences with the project.

Also, Resteemed - I traffic in homeschool discussion here on Steemit and this seems like the kind of education many homeschoolers would aspire that there children would be prepared for. Would love to hear sometime how you ended up where you are.

Hey, thank you. This is a great idea! I followed you back, if you ever need any insight from the school for one of your articles, feel free to contact me.

Congratulations bro! #AchievingExtraordinary