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Today we learn about how to succeed in steemit. in last blog i explained details about steemit

today we take 2days challenge for steemit i.e day2 & day3 .

lets learn about it


  • Make a good profile of your with the profile picture and fill all the details about yourself including your website
    if u don't have a website then just put their your Facebook or Instagram id.which define u more briefly.Screenshot (16).png

  • Then just try to find in which topic u have too much interest, which help you to make an intresting blog .
    for eg. suppose if u have interest in FOOD then u just try to write interesting article on food.
    so that u present yourself in audience too much better way.food-plate-healthy-247685.jpg

  • Try to find latest & trending things on the internet and your mind also. so that all of your articles are free fro copyrights , and hearttouching . so that u generate more vote and comment on your post . which directly takes you off to earn a huge income.

  • try to write atleast 3article per day sothat u just keep in touch with people around steemit.

this is all about DAY2 challenge .
in next article we learn about day3

in which i ll revel you how to increase your followers and how to monetize your post on STEEMIT.


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Good i appreciate it. As you going. But sorry to say but also we must make our profile professional. That's make us more accurate in steemit

i am waiting ur next day ...

I have conflict with you. Where you say about 3 article per day..
My point is to focus on quality, not quantity. Meanwhile everyone of my follower wait for my new article because of my quality.

u just post 3article on different categories ...bro its beginning .. so to improve your rank you have to do this .
all the 3 post should have good quality. then it gets popular

This information will help us a lot ! Keep posting .

Enjoyed reading this article. Keep it up.

Nice bro.....

very well explained. Keep it up.

You are doing a very good job by educating people for how to use steemit. Waiting for your next post. Thank you very much for whatever you are doing to educate people about steemit.

It is a very good platform to grow and earn a good amount of money out of it.

Well done bro👍

Hey bro i will send follow request on instagram .

Thanks for the guidance bro.....I should follow this....

Bro you are awesome. Doing a very good job by teach us how to use steemit properly. Waiting for more now with exciting blog post. Thank you very much.