Misconceptions and correct approaches to breast milk

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Misconceptions and correct approaches to breast milk


After the birth of a child, the family and the elderly are usually near the mother and the baby. Because of not knowing, they have many misconceptions about mother and child's food, food, nutrition and feeding techniques, which are harmful for mother and baby.

Misconception: The mother does not have breast milk for the first three days after delivery, so at this time the baby has to feed honey, Misrious water or any other milk. Three days later, when the breast feels heavy, only breastmilk will be eaten.

Correct: The baby will be given breast milk after delivery. At that time, the number of salads available on the mother's chest is enough for the child. As soon as the mother drinks breast milk, the baby will get milk sooner than the chest. It's not necessary to wait for three days. At this time, when the child is given another food, he will be full of small stomachs, the mother will not want to eat milk and the mother's breast will be late.


Wrong idea: It is believed that the stranger or the child is crying that he is hungry.

Correct: An infant crys for a lot of reasons, especially after the birth, he needs a little time to adapt to the new environment of the world. Besides, she wants to stay in the mother's lap or chest, she may cry because of excessive heat or cold. There is a need to find out the exact cause of crying. Just crying for hunger, that should not be considered.


Misconception: It is believed that if the mother takes cold or cough and has a bad effect on mother's breast milk after eating vegetables, vegetables like vegetables, pulses, or fish meat. Besides, if the mother consumes these meals immediately after delivery, the body's juice or uterus is late to dry, so the dry bread should be eaten only with salt or bhava.

Correct: Breastfeeding does not change due to mother's eating habits, such as mother eating spicy vegetables, vegetables, fruits, fish and meat, it does not cause any harm to the child, but if the mother is less fed then the mother becomes weak and malnutrition Suffer So no one should choose a mother. Eat more than one-one vegetables with vegetables (1 potato bowl), 1 bowl of pulse (1 potato bowl). Apart from eating native fruits. Water can be eaten at normal temperature (not hot) and drink 8 glasses of water a day.

please take it educationally.
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