Educate One Child Because It Matters

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Most of us will agree that poverty and illiteracy are our biggest enemies. But what can we do about it? This is the real question.

When I found a long-term answer to this question, I started a campaign called Educate One Child.

Following the idea of Educate One Child, two of my close people and I are sponsoring 7 children in total this year. We’re not the only three doing this. A friend is sponsoring 2 children. There are others too who are sponsoring a child each.

And then there are countless number of people and organizations working towards a better Pakistan and world by educating needy and poor children.

The Aim
The aim is to contribute an educated person to this society; a child otherwise destined to be illiterate. We believe that the 25 million children who are out of school can be sent to school if each one of us takes responsibility of at least one child.

We would love to see a future Pakistan where no one is illiterate or uneducated. Likewise, it would be highly unfortunate if these out of school children remain uneducated and become fathers, husbands, voters and what not.

Can You Do It?
Think about it. No, actually do it. Pause and think seriously for a while.

Can you find just one kid who can be sent to school?
Can’t you afford educational expenses of just one kid?
Can you imagine how big an impact it will create if you care to do it right now?
The Meaningful Part
Though there are many positive results of this effort if done, here are just a few of the outcomes and benefits.

A poor child educated by you will eventually come out of poverty.
His/her family will benefit from the turn around as well.
There will be one less illiterate person in our society.
The child will forever be a source of good reward for you from the God.
Seeing that child as a successful person in future will give you the ultimate satisfaction.
It is a request from me to you for the sake of this country and for the betterment of the world we live in. Please educate one child!


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