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G10, Physics First Semester Test Time Allowed (45)minutes
Answer All Questions

  1. Fill in the blanks. (5 marks)
    (1) The value of gravitational constant is ………. .m3kg-1s-2.
    (2) A unit vector has the magnitude of ………. unit.
    (3) Since displacement has both ………. and direction, displacement is a vector quantity.
    (4) 1 N force acting horizontally on a body of mass 1 kg gives it an acceleration of ……… .
    (5) The unit of work e temperature increase to 25 ℃ how much glycerine overflows? The
    coefficient of volume expansion of glycerine is 5.1 x 10-4K-1 and that of heat resistance glass is
    0.09 x 10-4K-1.
  2. A lift weighing 200lb is pulled up by a cable of tension 5000lbl Find the mass of the lift and its upward
    acceleration. Which is more difficult to move a wooden box or a big stone? Why?
    5.Is if correct to describe Newton’s second law in symbols as F α a?.
    A 3 ton car moving with the velocity of 30 mi h-1 is brought to stop in 2 s. Find the resisting force of the
    brakes acting on the car.

These are really tough bro. It seems you are keen interested in Physics.

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