SCHOOL FOR PARENTS: How to instill values ​​in children.

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What is not taught in the modern school! The children are loaded to the maximum, but they are not taught the main thing. By relying on a good education and the early development of a child, we must not forget to raise the right moral standards that will teach a child to live in harmony with themselves and the world, help them adapt to society.

When can you start talking about values?


The first ethical lessons the child receives in the family, up to 3-4 years, are not separated from significant adults and fully adopt the attitudes of their environment through imitation and obedience. Other developments depend on the quality of the relationship established between the small man and the adult members of the family. The greater the child, the more important to him is his own conscience and public opinion.

The figures of the parents have to compete not only with friends and classmates, but also with the powerful industry of mass culture and the media. Therefore, it is important not to miss the child at a time when his authority is indisputable to him; Children realize and understand much more than we used to think.

Self-love is the guarantee of spiritual health.

The first lesson a child receives from their parents is self-love. The awareness of the value of the self comes to us in the process of experiencing the experience of unconditional love of the parents, full and unconditional acceptance, which is expressed in speech and mimic signals, maintaining visual and tactile contact. Often, take the child in your arms, sit on your knees, talk to him, sing the songs, read aloud: you must pay close attention.

When you take care of a child, be sure to smile at him, looking him straight in the eyes. A smile is the strongest factor in the formation of affection. If the child does not form an attachment to the mother and father, it will be very difficult to get along with him.


Here, many fathers and mothers will be surprised: what about discipline and objectivity? After all, not everything our children do deserves admiration. I do not mean that we should not carry out the criticism, only that it is not the person that needs to be criticized, but an act, while offering a constructive alternative and explaining why it should have been done in this way and not otherwise.

Me and others

In modern society, success depends to a large extent on productive communication skills. It is important to take other people into account and, at the same time, be able to defend your own points of view and interests. For this you need to perceive the connection with yourself and with close people as fundamental values. Understanding the value of interpersonal relationships comes along with the development of attachment. If you value relationships with someone, try not to disturb them without a good reason.


Having established relationships with their own "I", a small person learns to understand their needs and finds socially acceptable possibilities to satisfy them.

Parents can facilitate the implementation of this complex task if they respect the personal limits of the child, provide a space of choice within their competence and recognize their right to make a mistake while they remain available to request help.

Raising a responsible attitude towards life begins with an awareness of the deep connection between man and nature. Find time for trips out of town, walk quietly through the park, attract children to take care of plants and pets. Penetrating the beauty of the surrounding world, a person will get used to protecting it.

The traditions are very important for children: family outings, Sundays, meals and snacks, holidays, picnics, excursions.

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