The importance of educating children based on the value of integrity

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Integrity allows people to proceed according to their own actions. When we speak of integrity, transparency must be made known, because it is recognized when it acts for good or for bad, that is, it is formed in a person of integrity.

Integrity is not perfection, it is given in value and in character, recognizing when it is acted in an erroneous way, changing for the better.

To form oneself in integrity is to recognize what is said and what is done, what we say we are, and act according to our behavior, thus defining the level of integrity.

Integrity is reflected in decisions, in places, in actions, in words, that is, in all areas of life.

Integrity is formed in:

  • Values.
  • Virtues.
  • Responsibility.
  • Transparency.
Integrity allows and transmits trust, and this value is formed by example.

To live a life that demonstrates integrity, prior decisions must be made, and those decisions will be the result of a life that is decided as a result of good behavior.

Integrity does not mean that we overload our body and mind with a thousand things, it is about doing or fulfilling things step by step, but always being consistent and integral with ourselves.

The integrity has to do with being a congruent person, with what he says he is.

At the educational level, integrity is our duty to be, to train people with this value, to develop skills and capacities to be productive people.

Advantages of the value of integrity.

  • When you live with integrity this motivates and inspires other people, not only with words but also with actions.
  • Personal relationships, these become less conflictive, increased levels of trust and acceptance.
  • Becoming an entrepreneur, giving positive testimony, allows you to feel valuable.
  • People see the importance of the acts that are done, and value the integrity that is manifested with facts.
  • The positive relationships that are built lead to being closer to people who are willing to interact, allowing them to do even more.

What are the habits that allow us to live with integrity?

  • By making better decisions.
  • Sense of clear purpose and goals in life that help to realize the vision and fulfill the purpose.
  • Daily remembrance of values, purposes and goals.
  • Have the objective of improving as a person and in human quality.



Activities to understand the meaning of integrity

Integrity makes reference to the affective part, taking into account that the different points of view must be geared so that there is a dynamic contribution in the whole.

Integrity is a factor of importance in coexistence, recognizing rights and implicitly have some duties and we must emphasize them at all times.

Activity to create a representative mural of integrity.

It is necessary to foster this feeling in children in the acquisition of values, and integrity is one of the most important. Standing out in the first think, to act and then see the result of actions.

Children in a free way and to their liking, will be able to express the meaning of integrity, reflecting it through drawing.

Resultado de imagen para mural de integridad por niños

Each child will be able to self-evaluate, making known their feeling of integrity, the representation in them, and how they let the world see.

It is about that the art in the drawing becomes its firm word and it is understood that what is embodied there, is what they are and will be, because the attitudes that are manifested determine the person.

Thought activity, to acquire the value of integrity.

Children will be asked to draw something in particular to change attitudes and thinking, for personal and positive improvement.

How is it done?

  • First of all they should write what personal skills they have.
  • Mention the key characteristics of a particular superhero.
What is intended is for children to relate their own abilities to change, those of others.

In what form is the activity then carried out?

Children should draw villains from their favorite comics, to change those negative aspects and turn them into positives.

Resultado de imagen para niños dibujan villanos y superheroes

The idea is for children to identify themselves, understanding the importance and sense of integrity as a person. That thought before becoming action can help or harm, and it becomes necessary not to affect anyone, but to live in harmony.

The children at the end of the drawings with the villains of the comiquitas, must give an explanation of why it has changed the negative aspects of that villain, incorporating the personal skills of the child, and in turn the why? Superhero characteristics are added.

Integrity activity with the game of Jenga.

This game will allow children to build a tower where based on truths, good deeds or tastes, the tower reaches its final point and is successfully built, because it is the reflection of the person.

Example: When a child has a piece and puts it in the place to arm it must say a meaningful word and in good term so that that tower does not collapse, since it is anchored in good deeds.

Type of mentions that can be made clear for the understanding of children:

  • Take care of nature.
  • Be respectful.
  • Do not misbehave, among many others.
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Once they are ready, they proceed to disassemble them, but the children when removing the pieces from the tower must do it with care and mention for each piece a negative action that affects people in all aspects, for example:

  • Lies.
  • Actions that hurt other people.
  • When you do not value the word and act badly.
This will make them understand that lies and improper acts collapse the good deeds that have been built and that are not examples to follow.

Instructing in values is fundamental for the future and the successful development of the individual, for this reason it is necessary to give lessons and examples that will make a difference.

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Integrity is disseminated through the example, what is proclaimed must be fulfilled.

Greetings educators and motivators of education.



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I think it is admirable to teach children the value of integrity, however they must also see examples of this in their daily lives. At the moment we seem to be in a place where honesty and integrity have been thrown out the window. Over and over again we are seeing examples of out right lying to promote personal gains. Is this the world we want for our children? I think we must all take responsibility for this and call it out. We must instruct our children to question everything that they encounter.

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