How to use the brain correctly?

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People not only use 10% of the brain as is commonly believed, even when nothing is done or you are sleeping, the brain is working and processing information from when you were attentive.

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The brain has many more faculties of the unimaginable, and is the most complex organ of the universe itself, since it is the only organ that tries to understand itself.

Functioning of the brain

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Progress has been made in many aspects to determine its operation, reaching conclusions such as:

► Decision making.

► The processing of emotions.

► The memory.

► Oblivion.

► The context in which the creativity is generated.

► Language.

► The cognitive mechanisms.

Parcels related to its functioning are known, but there is still a long way to go to fully know how the brain works.

The way of thinking is related to the way of feeling

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The brain is responsible for creating reality, what creates thought is what will affect how the person feels. The brain never stops functioning, it is automatic and human beings are much more automatic than is believed, although rational decisions are also made and cognitive resources are limited.

The making of rational and deliberative decisions requires energy and time, which is why most human beings function automatically.

¿People can change the way of thinking?

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People are their own emotions, without a doubt, the brain is emotional and emotions are the guide of behavior, facilitates memory and decision making.

Emotions that are not controlled in a certain way are very difficult to control, but you can work on the basis of the causes of uncontrolled emotions.

It can be processed through the re-evaluation of actions, and it can be resistant, overcome and strengthen, to improve the mood.

Correct care of the brain

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The care of the brain should always be done, for example:

► Take care of cholesterol.

► Sugars.

► The blood.

► Glucose.

► Avoid excess overweight.

► You must do physical exercise.

► Eat healthy.

► Avoid the vices.

What is wanted is to let know that everything that does good to the heart, will do well to the brain.



To use the brain correctly, one must constantly be in trial and error, to be in search of the right, through learning.

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