How do we become facilitators for learning?

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The facilitator has the counseling process as a function, this is achieved by allowing the process itself to be the one that teaches.

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The goal of the facilitator is based on teaching the group to learn to trust in themselves. To be a facilitator is to work in order to encourage and at the same time give support.

One way to become facilitators and examples to follow is by integrating ourselves into the group, that is, by being part of them, in this way the students stop being less passive, becoming more active.

The teacher fulfills this task as he focuses on facilitating rather than teaching. When it does, it helps each student achieve personal success.

What does this help?

❖ To integration.

❖ To participation.

Helping the class to get rich, encouraging the power to share experiences, is what leads to further development.

The facilitator must be committed to what he does so that those who are guided can make progress. Carrying out this orientation work produces learning that strengthens development in a self-sufficient way.

Learning capacities must be generated, where the methodologies in the application of the techniques can be very diverse, but the main criterion is the power for the appropriate knowledge and even the dialogue from different knowledge and realities, and that this dialogue serves for the transformation of educational practices. Resultado de imagen para separador de texto gif

What should we involve in the process as facilitators for learning?

The facilitator creates the conditions for students to explore, build, exchange, among many other aspects that are immersed in the process.

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Among them are:

❖ Our body.

❖ Our sensitivity.

❖ The intuitions.

❖ Collective construction of ideas.

❖ The direct contact, since it is basic to generate confidence.

The facilitator constructs collectively and the objective is worked in the same way, integrating the side of the action and the mental side. Resultado de imagen para separador de texto gif

What are the key skills of a facilitator?

As facilitators it is our responsibility to ensure that we can achieve the approach of a topic focused on an objective.

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❖ Make a pleasant conversation and always keep in mind that what is facilitated is the process.

❖ Make all voices heard and everyone be able to express themselves.

❖ Find meaning in the conversations, in the topics that will be explained, so that the ramifications arise in this way.

❖ Help in the resolution of conflicts, even if there are differences, it is learned to work for coexistence. Resultado de imagen para separador de texto gif

What should the facilitator be aware of?

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❖ Be attentive to question the arguments of the students.

❖ Mediate and guide the expressed fundamentals raised by students.

❖ Serve as help in the ideas that are being developed.

❖ Plantar the realization of questions, and that are interpellantes between them, and not only a discussion between yes and no.

❖ Must be aware of mutual respect.

❖ Always consider justifications based on good arguments. Resultado de imagen para separador de texto gif

What is the value that the teacher adds as a facilitator?

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❖ The educator becomes a planner, as he or she must gather information about the group to be addressed and its context. In this way the purpose and the expected results are clarified.

❖ The proposal of a design in relation to the needs of the school group.

❖ Be the one in charge of making sure to verify the crucial roles of each member, making clear the direction of the group. Resultado de imagen para separador de texto gif

Tips to be a good learning facilitator

❖ A facilitator should always be in contact with the student to help him and in this way form and develop.

❖ Contribute so that the students are motivated in the learning of the taught subjects.

❖ Resolve doubts in a timely manner.

❖ Be a motivator for the best effort of the student.

The facilitator is inspired by the simple fact of being in contact with the students. He feels full of pride knowing that a job is done in the education part and with it comes discipline and habit.

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