Creative Writing - Unintended Poetry (an Editedbyclay Poem)

in editedbyclay •  9 months ago

Creative Writing

I used
to make
up books
that I'd claim
I'd read,
with details
on the plot.

I'm sure
the teacher
knew I'd made
them up.

Though she never
said anything.

Those were
some damn
good books.

This is an #unintendedpoem that has been #editedbyclay. SBD payout from this post will be donated to @tarc to help @rhondak and the doggies.


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Haha! I'd love to read those books. Good thing you're a writer...

wow.. awesome... the style creative is magic.

Nice! I wonder what I'd do if I'd get such a smart-ass kid in class. I hope that teacher made notes...

Anybody ever notice that the Zombie's Unintendeds are always really, really good? LOL