Edgeless Analysis ($EDG)

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The following is not financial advice.

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What is Edgeless?

It's a casino game platform with little to no house edge, hence "Edgeless". They have now acquired a casino license with the mainnet launch is coming soon. Registration has started for the platform and things are certainly pointed in an upwards trajectory for the project fundamentally.

Try out Blackjack!

Where's the wallet?

Use an ETH wallet to keep EDG tokens.

Along with the whitepaper:

How many of them are they?

CMC says ~82m circulating with a total supply of 132m.

Who's the team?

Blockchain and smart contract devs, fintech folks and even a professional poker player.

What motivates them?

10% tokens allocated for the team.

Marketcap and Competitors?

~217m with ~6m volume.

Everyone wants it to hit Binance to explode volume (sorta like STRAT's excellent position).

Similar projects or target industry...

  • FunFair ($FUN) -> ~589m
  • DecentBet ($DBET) -> ~42m

How is EDG different?

They got their stuff together, just look at their updates and progress so far.

If nothing else, does anyone think gambling is going to become less popular in the future? Especially now with edgeless games? Unlikely.


  • actual products
  • license acquired
  • solid team
  • long term prospects


  • navigating regulations

Any constructive criticism?

Website is a little funny to navigate, less intuitive than most. Just a minor nit, nothing to do with the product, though.

Where is it traded?

Bittrex brings in the most volume for EDG today.


The Final

Based on the FA, EDG looks like a low to medium risk with high reward potential if they continue to deliver and catch on. Picking it up under 16k sats would be bargain or around $4 would be an upper entry while still expecting solid, crypto-style gains.

And that's your scoop!

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Good layout and constructive evaluation. I look forward to reviewing more of your crypto content.