"Edenchain" Transforming Our Programmable Economic Systems

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With the birth of the internet a new era immerged. An era of digital economy where virtually everything and anything could be digitalized or translated into codes. It gave birth to a new phase in all sectors of human endeavors. Ranging from the economic sector to the education sector down to the health sector and running through the religious sector, every sector was simply touched. However, this amazing human feat did not come without it's own challenge especially in relation to the economy sector. Thus having successfully brought about the era of programmable economic systems, it is good to note that there are two major issues which tends to strongly stifle it's growth.

The Major Problems Facing Our Programmable Economic Systems
This new era of programmable Economic systems as we mentioned earlier comes with two major downsides;

  1. Lack of scalabilability which results to poor performance and
  2. Poor security which results to hacks and security bridge surmounting to millions and billions of dollar losses.
    The major focus of Edenchainio is thus, to provide a highly scalable platform using the blockchain technology and as well providing a double layer security which is free from infiltration. Let us go further to see how Edenchain is able to acheive this and as well solve these problems using a three layered system.

The EdenChain Solution
EdenChain is a platform which is fashioned with the aim of becoming a global system for a programmable economy. Edenchain seeks to erect a highly secured and compatible system with high performance blockchain as well as very low processing fees. EdenChain has versed utility which can be applied in various dimensions of software applications and various industries and can be adopted by businesses for building various types of programmes. It can as well be adopted by ICO platforms for launching their ICO platforms across all sectors of human endeavours such as health, education, peer-peer finance etc. The EdenChain system supports Solidity which presently is the most popular language in Smart contract currently. Such smart contracts are the most suitable for ensuring high scalability and for implementing top notch security protocols especially for sensitive services like payment services.

The Three Layers Of Edenchain Protocol

The Edenchain Bridge Layer
This is an E-Protocol which uses an encryption process called the Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) – Threshold Cryptography (TC) for trusted and highly reliable connectivity. The bridge layer consists of an e-bridge which links the Edenchain protocol with various other external data sources using a unique and secured interoperable module which enables the on-chain smart contract to communicate with the off-chain module.

Validation Layer
This is the layer which verifies and validates transactions. It is able to execute transactions flawlessly with the aid of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The validation layer uses a Transaction Execution Schedule to push transactions to their corresponding nodes based on namespaces. The router functioning at this layer can be automated, enabling resource management across transactions and nodes. One can also operate the blockchain with optimal resources and computing power through real-time monitoring of the workload allocated to the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). By grouping related transactions into batches, the validation layer ensures efficient execution and eliminates any data dependency issues.

Distributed Ledger Layer
Based on Linux Foundation’s open source project, Hyperledger Sawtooth, This layers provides the decentralized database functionality for EdenChain employing the Linux Foundation's open source project "Hyperledger Sawtooth. It also has various other compatibilities like the Proof-of-Elapsed-Time (PoET) which is a consensus algorithm that integrates a CPU command in the Software Guard Extensions (SGX) enabling the system to select a leader randomly without utilizing large amounts of energy to solve a hash problem. SGX allows applications to run trusted code in a protected environment.

The Edenchain protocol will help in a very special way to establish an outstandingly scalable blockchain system which is highly secured and easy to use and which will transform the way softwares for financial systems and other delicate platforms are programmed and used.

The EDN Token
Edn is an erc-20 token. It is the token which will power the economic model of the Edenchain platform. It is a utility token with 1billion total supply.

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You have a minor grammatical mistake in the following sentence:

However, this amazing human feat did not come without it's own challenge especially in relation to the economy sector.
It should be its own instead of it's own.

Edenchain will take programming to another level. I am bullish on this thanks sir

Nice to see that Edenchain seeks to erect a highly secured and compatible system with high performance blockchain. Nice article

Edenchain is going to be a problem solver challenges facing programming ecosystem.

This is an amazing project with lot of workable solutions to some of the major challenges being faced in different sectors of the economy through programming applications. Thanks for sharing

EdenChain will make available cutting-edge methods of handling programming .

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