How can I build a career & lifestyle that rocks my world, feels good & makes me good money? (PART 1 of 4)

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I've heard this kind of question asked numerous times over the years and here is my take on it.

Step 1.


You need to work out what your natural strengths are. This is the most important thing to work out because these strengths show us a glimpse into your unique design and your unique destiny.


Traditional schooling does not do a good job of helping most people work this out. Therefore, for most of us, we have to explore and experiment a lot. This is what late teens and twenties is usually all about.

DO NOT be in a rush to get married or lock down into hardcore commitments during this phase. Travel outside your home country, expose yourself to different religions and cultures, try lots of different jobs, drop LSD, be curious, read a lot, challenge yourself.

I believe you are already a master in some way, cultivated over numerous lifetimes.

Therefore, your work is not about building something new, but revealing what is already within you.

Then when identified, focus in on it, upgrade it and learn how to adapt it for the modern world...

Step 2 coming soon ~


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