The Unconscious mind

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Mind your mind!

No no, I am serious. Mind your mind because it is a reservoir, a mystical place, an infinite maze of immense, of confusions, of emotions, of knowledge, of unknown. Mind is a mysterious master. Mind it.


Mind can be divided into three parts if we talk in common man's language :


-- The one with which I am thinking and performing all my conscious actions. The one with which I think about what I am going to eat today in dinner.


- The part that is controlling our everything without letting us know. The one that makes sure I don't forget to breathe when I sleep.


- The reservoir of emotions, memories and experiences. The one which will bring up a plethora of bad memories when I am sad or feeling down. Also can me feel perfect when a happy event triggers in life.

Now when it comes to Unconscious mind, it is a magical uncontrollable place - something you have no control over. Here I will give you two basic examples of how it impacts my life and the similar way it impacts yours.

Action 1 of the unconscious -- I have a traumatic molestation memory from my childhood. That memory emerges during love making times - which is obviously not good. I have learnt to deal with it or lets say oppress it in a better way so that it does not haunt me again and again. But it is my unconscious mind who is responsible for bringing it up over and over.

It was ten months ago, I got a new job and left the old one. I got a very good hike, more than I ever could expect. So before the day I got a call from the organization that they are offering me this amount - my life was dull and sad. I was tired of my previous organization and everything in it. My whole day would go in some sort of frustrated vibes. But the day I got the call, my unconscious mind made me feel so happy 'like everything is perfect in my life'. It is because it brings in a rush of everything good along with that news. Suddenly, I would start feeling - that I am amazing, I am a winner, my parents love me, I live at a good place and what not. It the unconscious mind which brought up a series of memories and experiences forward to match up with that extreme feeling of happiness.

So our unconscious mind is a powerful uncontrollable layer within us.

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Nice article vibesforlife. But I don't believe as such unconsciousness. It is a very misused word which probably came from the Western culture.
Mind constituted by five basic components: manas, ahamkara, citta, buddhi and atman, which cannot be reduced to gross elements.

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hmmm interesting comment, I know about the elements - atman and buddhi, but not the other three. I will read about these and would live to enlighten myself with this view.

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The 'unconscious" mind is the place where all of our pleasant and unpleasant experiences since birth are stored. This eventually makes up what we call the "self".
Too many of the one or the other can create an imbalance in our persona.
Some people are permanent optimists and others are permanent pessimists, guided by the "unconscious" mind.
Only my personal thoughts here my friend!

hmmm rightly said about the permanent optimist and permanenet pessimist. Crazy how it all comes from the unconscious mind but I feel we must be having some degree of control on whether we want to be a optimsit or a pessimist.

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Thank you and the control is called "choices" my friend.
We guide our life by the choices that we make methinks.

Right the choice you make craves your path. :)

nice concise answer dear! thank you for taking part! xx <3

thankyou for stopping by :)

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Mind is a wonderful thing. Great to know your one helps you to feel revive.

yeah mind is master if not controlled and a servant if controlled

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Ah yes! I had forgot about the subconscious mind! I do find it fascinating the immensity and all that is contained in the unconscious and how we connect with it!
Thanks for sharing!

Yeah the immensity of the mind is fascinating.

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"mind your mind".... listen to it, consider it, take care of it, regard it's answers with respect. Yes, I like that. :) Nice contribution.

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Ahhh, thank you Arte :)


Great post. Good to hear some true mind truth

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Glad you liked it :)