What is patriarchy? Is a patriarchy the same as a society led by men, or is it more, a society led by fear and a feeling of scarcity, that happens to be an environment in which the masculine takes charge. "EcoTrain QOTW" "Question of the Week"

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I can't say Humanity was designed to be divided, split, hoarded controlled and manipulated, more ironically by none other than itself really.

Personally for me the word Patriarchy has little to no value at all, I'd rather not even look at it.

Never the less, we can't dodge reality on this matter and simply say that Male and Female are equal. Or at least, we can't say that both sides are perceived as Equal. On a spiritual level, both sides hold the same qualities, but due to social orientation, some aspects are repressed both in Male and Female.

Due to the demand of Males to be somewhat of a working force and are perceived as a more Masculine structure, Emotionally there seems to be a sort of a repression going on. Most men these days aren't well connected to their Emotional Being, thus allowing them to neglect some crucial aspects of themselves in order to focus on a more "Hard Work" orientated social role.

Of course, this does lead to a somewhat animalistic behavioral pattern, mainly due to an emotional energetic Build up that gets purged or flushed out on the basic survival role, needs and demands.

The thing is that the Female energy, or in other words, the Emotional Depth that it provides, is actually a "Key" aspect of intellectual development, it holds some of the noblest of aspirations, like, peace, abundance, harmony, and blissfulness, mainly because of the fact that all of these aspirations are expressed and embodied on an Emotional level.

Out of all of this repression, we end up with a massive cluster of fear, mainly accumulated to keep the integrity between the borders of perception intact, it acts as a mediator that keeps us from tapping into our repressed Emotional centers as they are not only perceived as something that needs to be "Dodged" but rather due to that pressure build up, as they hold an immense Energetic weight that is bottled up. Hence, releasing the fear would mean opening the flooding gates to the Unknown aspects of the Personality, thus this might lead people to Bipolar disorders and other nasty Psychological issues.

Of course, I can't skip saying that everyone is Unique and the aforementioned doesn't apply to everyone. There are many people that have embodied both emotional depth and masculine force.

Basically, the whole patriarchy concept is a load of rubbish, even though its a concept, people still continue evolving and day by day they eat up pieces of emotional blocks, this leading them towards a safe crossing as they reach full self-individualized potential. Aligning themselves with their emotional needs.

The only reason the "Patriarchy" concept exists is because we stop to look at it. Otherwise, everyone would just gradually evolve beyond that. It is no different than experiencing a loss in your life and choosing to stop every day in order to look back towards the pain, bringing it up in the present moment.

Humanity is BOUND to evolve beyond all of these troublesome concepts and issues, mainly because Evolution is the main Drive that keeps us going forwards.

Thanks for reading!

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I like the straightforwardness and realistic look of this post @vangelov, there is no more to it than how we look or don't look at things, at least 1 answer that resonates.


Thanks bub

Wonderful post bro <3 @vangelov


Did you even read the Post ?


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No I just saw your comment history.

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Hi Vangelov, Thanks for your contribution, I like your day to day approach. It's so much fun to see how each one of us offers such a different perspective and all together it makes a fantastic all round view. I agree with many things in your post. The fear block resonates a lot with me, but not that releasing the fear block would set free al the repressed emotions and energy underneath and that that would lead to bi-polar disorder and such. Thinking that releasing our fear would actually drive us crazy is what keeps people from doing it. But it is madness to fear your own emotions. When you say 'yes' to removing the cork from all that is bottled up a lot will start coming up, yes, you will be dipped in chaos for a while, but not more then you can handle will come up and you will gain a lot of self confidence from having taken the step to not fear your own emotions anymore. In fact I think what you are saying is actually a quite patriarchal brainwash kind of thing: Don't go into your bottled up emotions they are dangerous and might drive you crazy. I'd say please do. I'm glad that you think that we are at least all gradually evolving and releasing some of that emotional build up and your faith that we are destined to surpass this patriarchal nonsense is heart warming. Thanks Vangelov.

glad you wrote on the subject vangelov, while i disagree that talking about patriarchy isn't important, i can see many aspects of your article which i also see as important.

The thing is that the Female energy, or in other words, the Emotional Depth that it provides, is actually a "Key" aspect of intellectual development, it holds some of the noblest of aspirations, like, peace, abundance, harmony, and blissfulness

i think this is very true in that you can't have one without the other. the feminine qualities feed the masculine. as clara also wrote below, i also don't see that finally tapping into the supressed emotion will cause large scale mental disorders, but i do think there would be a lot of tears and pain as people start opening up.. but all of that to wash away the pain and start fresh a new day. <3 thanks

I, too, don't think the releasing would necessarily result in mental illness, I do believe that would be a possible outcome for some. For sure it would be intense and a lot to handle. This is why it's so important to teach boys the full range from the get go. I am really glad to hear a man speaking on the importance and beauty of feminine energy. I can say, for me, it helps a lot to feel support from our brothers.
Like @mountainjewel, I feel that discussing it is important, simply because so many people are in denial that it's even happening or the effect it is having on women, children, people of color, the poor, and the planet. I think we have to acknowledge it before we can move on. Thanks for being a part of this important conversation.