What changes have you seen in the world in the last 10 years, and in which direction do you think we are headed? EcoTrain QOTW, Question of the Week.

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Things can't be looking any better when looking towards the horizon. I have a really strange way of seeing the world we live in but that doesn't change the amount of beauty I can see.

Until now I can honestly say that we've been living in hell. When we look back at the world and go back in history everything seems to be at a standstill, yes I know, technology has advanced but that doesn't make people any more loving or peaceful.

When we look back we can mainly see one consistent pattern of human evolution. A pattern revolving around. Money, death, envy, greed, and lust.

Those have been humanity's driving fuels for quite the time now. Everything that we've built is somewhat sourced from them. But these times are long gone now. People have started gradually cleaning themselves from these fears of the past and as that happens better things are given birth to.

What changes have you seen in the world in the last 10 years?


The only thing I've seen is that people have started exploring their inner spiritual potential. Working hard towards cleaning their own lives from obstructions pain and overall things that might be weighing them down.

Spiritual practices seem to be getting more and more trendy for the past two years or something.

I also can't resist saying that with the birth of Crypto we are looking at a new age for Humanity and a new more adaptive world, more methods for earning a bit of money. Thus creating a better and more supportive future for all people around the world.

I can't fathom to explain how much positive things I can see for the upcoming future. Both for financial sustainability and spiritual growth.

In which direction do you think we are headed?


I think that Humanity and our World is looking at a Non-Duality life model in the upcoming years, backed up by a new financial system which will be de-centralized. This opening up a wide range of opportunities and a possibility for a more Equality supportive future.

A lot of countries are having financial issues and that I think is the number one reason of pain in our world. There are great people that are struggling due to lack of finances, I think that crypto can support those people to expand and evolve. And I can see this already happening right here on steemit.

Also based on Numerology I think that 2018 is an amazing year. Think of 2018 as a gateway. When you go through this gateway you will be stepping over all your failures which you have conceived in your mind.

This is how I'm personally feeling this year, having to deal with a lot of old stuff that I've created for myself, things with little to no relevance with my current situation.

Personally, these past two years have felt like a Quantum jump for me. I've seen so much improvement in myself that I feel as if I was reborn into a better person whilst living. If that is the case for most people, then I am sure that the greatest of expectations I might have for the future of mankind can be exceeded in a short time's notice. The more one person improves, the greater his actions become and I know there are far greater people than me, people that can make a difference and make a change.

On a side note, I'd love to see more opportunities for people to travel and explore the world, such opportunities that don't jeopardise life situations related to sustainability. For example, A crypto powered Travel method.

Overall, I think that the future looks brighter than ever! All we need to do is work towards our most valued aspirations and keep on pushing towards bettering ourselves. The more we do that the better we get. The better we get the more we can help others be better for themselves, thus each of us pushing towards a brighter collective yet individualized future!

That's all I have to say about this topic. Please do leave a comment whith your thoughts, I'd love to see and read.

Much love to you all!

Thanks for reading!

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I like your optimistic view! I do think that some things are going to get better and some worse. In the macro aspect of things, I think that the earth is coming to a peak in terms of emotion and is going to have a release. When there is a massive release the earth is going to physically manifest this along with the change in perspective (thus the earth changes people are talking about). I do see a lot more "yoga" studios popping up but I wouldn't necessarily say spirituality is on the rise just yet. I think tough times tend to put things into perspective and that's what may happen. Who knows though, I would like to see a mass rise in consciousness to bring us into the new age. We shall see...


Time will tell <3 Thanks for the great comment !

Nice post.Good question -In which direction do you think we are headed?
The changes are yet to come,if this decentralization is in favor of mankind rather than in favor of the order of order that the leaders leaders of the Illuminati.
Congratulations and good luck.
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Thank you <3