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The Good, The Bad and the Consciousness

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Before I get into this topic, I'd like to say " THANK YOU " to everyone who left a sincere comment on my previous Article. I was away for several days but I did read through all the lovely feedback everyone gave me. It was quite helpful, for which I am grateful.

This article is dedicated to the way we perceive Bad and Good as standalone segments. I know that everyone has their own Unique way of perceiving Bag things in life and God things. But there is one middle ground where both meet up.

The Between


Our consciousness stands in between both playing fields. Be it bad or good. We can take it as a mediator or in simple terms the judge of both sides. But never the less, both sides are prefixes to one specific thing when we look at it from a third perspective.

For example, we have two people and one painting. One of them says that it is bad and he hates it, therefore everything that comes out of him will be "Negatively" polarized towards the painting.

On the other hand, we have another person who Loves the painting, hence, every remark he makes is positively polarized towards the painting itself.

Due to the separate judgment of both people, they can't interconnect. Something like the + AND -, both with different polarities.

Although this simple example is said only for a painting, the mechanic behind the whole concept can be perceived in countless things, some of them aren't even physical, yet the whole scheme is the same, some hate it, some love it.

But then

There is one simple thing that both sides are missing the point of. When one looks beyond the judgmentalism of both sides, be it good or bad, he is left with one single thing. And that is the painting itself. Bad or good, it is still a painting. Neither sides judgementalism would ever have the ability to change that structure.

And out of all of this, we make out that the concept of bad and good is just a simple polarity of expression that is related to personal criteria and in some cases even made out of demand.

For example if we look at professional photography and hobby photography. There is simply some demand which needs to be filled in order to classify something as professional, yet both are exactly the same thing.

Yet here comes the question.

What if hypothetically both people from the aforementioned example had no prefix to place and no judgment to place on the painting itself? If both parties saw it as nothing more than a "Concept", a.k.a "Painting".

That would change the whole field of perception into more complex and fluid structures.


When you judge something as "Bad" you would probably gravitate towards hatred and rejection. But that won't really change your circumstances because you are already looking at the damn painting, to begin with, same goes for the people that would say that it was good. That would gravitate them towards positivism, yet the one common thing both have is the fact that both sides will be looking at the same thing.

Out of all of this, we can take that the prefix is a choice which determines our future perception of things, be it paintings or anything else that can be judged bad or good.

Hopefully my theory was interesting to read <3

Thanks for reading!

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This was certainly very interesting to read! Especially the part about "You're already looking at the damn painting!"

It's true, if it's so bad, why has the entire Universe conspired to foist your eyes upon and rub your nose in it?

Clearly, you have something to learn or to gain from this painting, as everything that happens is for our own personal and collective evolution and growth

You use the example of paintings or photography, but these two objects simply being extensions and expressions of the people who make them, it goes to show that we can be negatively charged towards people themselves...

This is something that is not only a huge theme in my life, but unless I'm an absolute lone psycho, I think many other's too... The shadow and all of our repressed traits which we do not allow to blossom negatively charge aspects of our consciousness or being, just as it positively charges others... When something appeals to our "ego" side we inherently praise and admire it and see it as an expression of something we relate to, when it is something that stirs our shadow side, we cannot withstand bashing and condemning it, as if to fool ourselves into thinking there is a measure of separation between us and it...

Ironically, like you say; the separation is an illusion... You're already looking at the damn painting!

Even though fantastic pieces of art may stir something inside ourselves and awaken that aspect of ourselves which is true mastery and perfection, an artwork that has been created without the skill, inspiration and creativity of a master may remind us of our own miserable failings or lack of talent... But really, it's all just projection, because beauty is in the eyes of the beholder....

A master painter might recognize his earlier self in such a work of art that most would consider ugly... Indeed, maybe even his first works were judged so harshly and he can understand that at no point in his life did his source of inspiration change, he just got better and doing what made him happy and fulfilled and satisfied him...

(Sorry I'm using him but her/she totally applicable!)

So yeah! Taking a chill pill and appreciating the beauty of the Universe in all the various ways it presents itself to us, and not taking things so god damn seriously, because after all... : Its all in our head people!!!


I think what you wrote would have made a great extension to the Article, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the subject, it's quite appreciated!

Sooner or later People will have to change.


Thanks @vangelov!
You're absolutely right...

Change is constant... The only variable is rate


So, after all you have written, I wonder what opinion you have on such subjects as religion or even law? I mean, one can also say that it is just in our head and that the universe has created us greedy and hungry and because of that we can do whatever we want.


Hahaha you should read my blog @artjom13! 😄

If you have thoughts of greed and hunger would seem like unresolved shadow issues. We all struggle with these thoughts man, especially since we promised ourselves we would not create a world like this and we totally did.

I think religion and law are quite similar. Assuming law is just a secular version of religion, minus a lot of the history and context from which these laws arose from.

Honestly it's a vast topic but when I say it's all in our head, what I mean is our thoughts create our realities... our experiences are shaped by the energy that makes up our consciousness. I legit wrote a post on these metaphysical concepts a few days ago.

Would actually love to get into these thoughts.. i
I have some upcoming thoughts for what religion is in my next posts....

Religion in my view is just the mythologized history of man... law is just the evolving social construct that accompanies our evolution.. it's an extension of our nature...

It's never perfect though.. law to me is just a guideline as best, an oppressive system at worse meant to keep us down at worse.

Its supposedly modeled after natural law but fails unless it is understood as a construct meant to improve our lives rather than limit them


Hey imp.unity ! Thanks for your thoughts. Now I fully understand what you wanted to say by that "it's all in our heads" :)

Concerning law I'm quite the same opinion as you. And of course waiting for your next posts about religion and other stuff! ;)

@vangelov - the Sergio Leone of Spirituality 😘


Interesting take on positive and negative positions. I agree with you that whatever position you take influences your perception. Also, I think you meant to say "pretext" instead of "prefix", not sure if you can edit that?


I did mean prefix, because its like placing a tag on something. But both fit the same model I guess, one is judgmentally based and the other is pre conditioned.

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thank you for sharing @vangelov


you re welcome bro

Excellent post.
I believe the key word here is choice.
We have a choice to view the painting, dislike the dam painting and choice to remain negative about the painting and stay negative or choose to acknowledge our dislike and negativity and consciously choose to let this negativity go.
We need to see some negative in life to appreciate the positive but it is our choice in which vibration we allow ourselves to dwell.
Followed and upvoted 😁


Thanks for dropping by and leaving an amazing comment <3

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Just when I thought I have read it all...

Our consciousness stands in between both playing fields.

True words.. In good or bad decisions, our conscience is game on, expressing its feeling but still letting you make the ultimate choice.

great article @vangelov
thank you for sharing
I am followed you

Well there is good and bad and everything in the middle, I think your right it about individual perspective. . . What I think is great the next person could hate. It's also taste . . . Like I hate marmite but some people love it!

The viewers... who are they to judge good or bad beyond whether or not they personally like it. All too often, art has been misjudged in the moment, only to have history claim the opposite.
All living things have an amazing ability to turn bad into good, and good into bad(especially humans).
Humans also have a puzzling need to be right. So once a judgement is placed we work hard to support our position.
Thank you for your post. I am effected.

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Wow likes your post .. happy reading it .. really amazing ... thanks for sharing on a good day.
I like to read every post you .. I also learn a lot about steemit from every post you. Whether it's writing or photos. Thank you steemians ..
It's an honor for me if you visit my blog..

When we judge it is a reflection of us as we can only judge from our own experience and feelings of what we know or have seen or felt.

interesting .... i wrote something similar in philosophy check out my post

@vangelovgreat article. Thank you for sharing
I am followed you

What a great post! I fully agree with the concept of your thoughts here, and you carried the message out so clearly in your explanation.

Also Congrats on making it onto Clayboyn's Curation Corner!