Psychology and VR chat - A virtual reality Social Game

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I'm not sure if many of you know about VR chat. It's a new simple and small game which is based on VR. Overall, it's a simple social game where you pick an Avatar and go around user-created Worlds, interacting with other people along the way.

Only Voice Interaction.

I've been playing this game for a couple of days now, simply because it's quite fun talking to people outside current social restrictions. Mainly because people are more open when they don't meet you in real life.

I've also been thinking about promoting steemit which I might end up doing a fun series in the future.

The Psychology Behind VRchat


Everything which is connected with people has a psychological aspect to it, VR chat is no exclusion. And honestly, its quite fun looking at some psychological segments of the whole concept.

What I've noticed is that the majority of people playing VR chat are creating Alter Ego's. Some are based on the Avatar model they chose and others are built around certain "Imperfections" in people's current Ego structure, mainly to bypass personal insecurities and social anxiety.

Or in simple terms, adults trying to be kids again.

It's quite fun having the opportunity to interact with such people because of the wide variety of uncommon expressions. I end up laughing 85% of the time spent in game. Although I don't have a VR set, I can only assume that an immersive experience would enrichen the whole thing.

The Positive Side


The positive side of this game is that people are able to look beyond their current social limitations that reside within the personality and somewhat deal with them, either by creating an alternative expression to that or overall expressing them without fear of direct judgment which opens up opportunities for self-development on a psychological level.

Although people should be able to do that in real life, it's still a small step forwards towards going beyond one's social fears and anxiety.


Also, it goes to say that abstract expression opens up a wide range of creative sources that are prohibited by the rigidity of current social structures.

Nonjudgmentalism in the game itself allows older individuals to interact with younger ones on a equal ground and obviously, there isn't anything more pleasing than tapping into your inner child at times.

Of course, there are toxic people that go around radiating racism and negativity, but they get blocked quite fast.



VR chat looks like a childish concept but that is just a limiting overview. If we dissociate ourselves from those concepts we end up in a virtual space not much different than Facebook, with the one difference that it is more immersive and personalized.

I can only imagine what would happen if Blockchain opportunities are integrated into the game. People would end up working in a virtual reality rather than in real life.

Everyone is more open-minded in their own unique way because they can overlook real-life limitations and its a unique opportunity for sharing some good info in abstract ways with eliminated judgmentalism.

Overall the game is a great opportunity for stress release and self-enrichment when with the right people, if one has the ability to detach himself from his own limitations, he can virtually be limitless towards self-expression.

Thanks for reading!

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I really didn't even know that my oculus had a built in microphone until I was playing From other suns and the other players were talking to me. It's kind of freaky at first but I think that it's definitely going to be the future of chatrooms. With the new headsets coming out later this year the whole VR scene should be getting a lot more interesting.

Thanks for your good posts, I followed you!