Are We Making Progress?

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Are you Awake?

We all walk around with our eyes opened, navigating our way as best we can.Most of us follow a routine everyday. We get up, wash, have some food and get to work. Maybe not in that exact order, but we do all work in some way or another. Whether it is in our home, away from home, on our land.

This becomes our life, our way of life.

Our lives can seem really full, full of purpose,with endless lists waiting to be completed. Having to prioritize in order to get it all done. We are all striving towards a better way of life, a better quality of life. And if we have already got there then we have to work to maintain it.

We all get wrapped up in our lives, we only really have this one,for now anyhow, so it's all about making the most of it. Isn't it?
No matter where you are right now, you want to be happy, to be fulfilled. I know that I do. I know that I like to move forward, to keep making progress.

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But at what cost?

Is our progress in the world harming anyone or anything? Do we even know? How many people go out and buy food, buy toiletries,buy any number of household items and have no idea what is in them. How they are made. We seem to have become very used to things just being there, having things working for us, without asking why or how. There is no surprise there really, most of us have attended mainstream schools, where questioning is just not encouraged. Instead we are taught to believe what we are told. Because at the end of the day isn't everything we buy, good for us. Surely if it wasn't we wouldn't buy it.

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Luckily we do have choices, we can choose to buy wholesome food, so that when we look at it we know exactly what it is we are eating. We can also choose to buy products that don't harm us and our family, products that do not harm the environment. Because if everyone is buying toxic products to clean their homes, to put on their skin, then that is a lot of toxins that families are being poisoned with, that our natural environment is being poisoned with. I hope we have not forgotten how our bodies absorb toxins.

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But even if we are slowly poisoning ourselves and the environment, we are making progress, aren't we? I mean look at how far technology has come. Look at how far we have come in relation to our health system. So what if more and more people are becoming sicker, so what if the pharmaceutical companies are more or less' running the world'. It's all in our best interests, that's what we are told. All in the name of progress.


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So what if we continue to destroy the planet, I mean as long as we are o.k, do we really need a healthy planet in order for us to be healthy.Surely we can continue to use the planet any which way we please, it is ours to begin with, isn't it. That's what we have been told. That's certainly the way that humankind has been acting. Living like the world is a machine, that it can just keep going and going and be fixed. That it is our machine. That we can cut down all the trees and pollute all the water and allow all the glaciers to melt. It's not really going to effect us and our very busy lives.


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Is this progress?

Thinking this way?

Completely separating ourselves from our natural environment.

Continuing to live our lives without asking any questions.

Allowing others to decide what is best for us, what our bodies need.

Continuing to put our faith in' professionals' who always follow the book and have been taught to never to ask questions.

I leave you all with the words of Jack D Forbes

"If a creature learns to completely accept captivity or slavery, if they erase all thoughts of freedom, they can suppress the pain. But if one wants to be free, one has to face the pain, one has to agonize, to suffer, through all of the terror. One has to face up to what has happened, to face up to one's complete degradation"

I am part of the ecotrain, if you wish to read great content and be inspired please check it out. It is one train that is full of very diverse and creative passengers.



it's a fantastic line of questioning and i completely agree. the earth is not a backdrop for human life and we need to stop treating it like it is! can't keep going on the route we're on, it's destroying us <3

Thank you @mountainjewel, we have always got to ask question's, be curious and find answers, because when we know the truth we have to then bring about change.

YES! I have these same thoughts! We are becoming increasingly more conscious about what we bring into our house and the products we use. Some will suggest that using natural products is a luxury, and some do cost more, but what price is the environment paying, what price are our families and future generations paying for these toxic items. Our twins are just over 8 months old and we only bath them once a week and without soap. They are clean, and smell lovely without the unnecessary products. I have been thinking more about packaging too and how I would like to transition to products with less plastic. There is always more we can do, it's just finding the willingness to do it. Great post! -Aimee

Thanks Aimee, it is really important to be asking ourselves these questions, it really is easy to answer them. We cannot put a price on the future of our home and the future for our children. And we do not need so many products in our lives anyhow.

I agree 100%! Aimee

My crusade against chemical additives and non-organic products began in the early '70's before it became mainstream. The light bulb came on one day about all the awful things we were putting into and on our bodies. I think a realization came with a Twinkie. If a Twinkie could be preserved for 100 years, what were those chemicals doing to our bodies?

Thats great to hear, because there are alot of people who still do not think about it, do not ask any questions. they put so much trust in the media when it comes to body care and household products and they just buy, buy, buy.

Aishlinn I love this and this is definitely going in my curation post this week. This is one question that I have been asking myself a lot in the past few months and you are undoubtedly the biggest influence behind it. As much as you say others criticize you for your lifestyle, I find it really inspiring. You are trying to carve the freedom that you and your family and in fact all of us deserve to have so when you ask yourself 'Am I okay?' or 'Am I really making progress?', you can answer it with a yes. Love you!

Thank you Sharoon, I will keep continuing to write about our impact on this beautiful world. Thank you as always for your encouraging feedback, much love xx

Very interesting content! I recently wrote a post upon the same topic. It's about time that we take action - all of us!

Thank you @josefinemk, yes definitely, it's something I write alot about, it's really important to keep that message out there. will check your post out.

It is! But also to try to make people act on it! Reflection isn't enough! Thank you :-)

These are very important questions! I am a person that dont belive a lot more than what I choose to belive, but it is a process of puting of layers and layers of belives and behaviour. Thanks love for sharing this!!

thank you Niina, it would be great if more people woke up to the reality of how they are living their lives.

Yes very true!

Keep these thoughts coming @trucklife-family. Your doing a great job in questioning what we take for granted. Don't ever let us off the hook. Wake us up out of our complacency. We are all sleepwalking.

thank you @shivvi that 's what I hope to keep doing!

My sister cleaned houses for years, she made great money doing it but I contribute it to her deteriorated bone health. She is constantly in pain and all the doctors and specialist can't explain why. I tried telling her years ago she needed to read up on how toxic household cleaners were but she just boo hooed me.

II know some people do really believe that if something isn't safe it wouldn't be available, they have too much belief in the system. But our health is our responsibility, we need to take control if it. Thank you @sunlit7 and sorry to hear how your sister suffers.

Good question - are we making progress? Thanks for your post. I struggle to understand why most people don't open their eyes to this madness. Our priorities are so short sighted. I make a point of questioning everything and then trying to answer myself logically with arguments on both sides. Thank you for writing and questioning. keep the environmental conversation going. I certainly will!

Thanks @kimwainwright, I will for sure, more and more people need to keep talking about it.

I think we are making progress. It's slow, but I have a lot of faith in the young ones. We will see tremendous positive change in our lifetime.

yes you are right, I do have faith in us and them xx thanks mama xx

Thank you so much for this super post! This is so up my street, touching on so many important aspects. It bugs me insanely that most people in my part of the world seem to be completely oblivious to these matters. I have such a long way to go myself, so looking forward to following you and reading some more inspirational posts. Thanks @trucklife-family 😄

thank you @lil-mich for dropping by and your lovely feedback, I will keep writing, it is a message that we all need to hear.

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