That October Feeling..

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As I see the trees losing their lush color and leaves as they slowly step forwards into October, I can only think of one thing. They are going to be naked and exposed to the world for some time. Of course, they will have their thick bark to protect them, but their seemingly outward beauty, that won’t be there. They will stand strong amidst the chilly winters, take one storm after another, maybe even a blizzard, but they will be there. You know why? Because that’s how life is. They know this too shall pass and they still have to live so they hang on and just live..

As I think about this, I can’t help but think deeper into it and decipher the beautiful message nature holds for us. We too have seasons in our life, those of warmth, breezy winds, scorching sun, harsh winters and barrenness, but do we stop living? Does any of it change the fact that we got to move on. It does not and it should not because life is what it is.

So when you know you have to shed off your leaves, hold on to it for some time as it’s meant to be and feel the pain, embrace it and stay in it, but then let go of the pain following the cue of our beautiful trees in October. It is alright- you won’t stay exposed for long. New leaves of happiness and beauty will come soon too. And hey who says trees don’t look gorgeous without leaves. They have a charm nothing else can match so just tell yourself how charming you are just the way you are and smile, it is all going to be smooth soon.

Love and light,


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A wonderful combination of colors - red and blue!
And your words are beautiful and correct ...)

Aww thank you so much. Means so much.

Nice to see you post after so long @sharoonyasir!i know just what you are saying! Today its autumn ;-xx <3

I have missed all of you so much especially you and your wisdom. But you know there does come a point in life when you just don't know what to do and when you barely manage to keep up with the routine chores and just cannot even think about yourself or what you love to do because your mind is in a chaotic place.

oh boy, i can so relate.. sending love dear!

Only love, peace and light for you. Had it not been for you, I'd never have become a part of Ecotrain and had I not become a part of this very train, I wouldn't have had the courage to move around and join more groups and meet @jaynie who is another inspiration from Steemit I look up to a lot.

I love the analogy and your very positive outlook in life. True we have seasons in life and we just need to go thru it. Thanks for sharing this beautiful outlook a great thought to start the weekend.

Heyy thank you so much. How is your daughter?

She's busy with school work these days and can't seem to find time to do a photoshoot. I hope we could shoot again soon.

it is really nice to see you again here @sharoonyasir, it has been long time. wish you all the best. #steemitbloggers

Aww lovely to see you here too <3

Such is life that everything finds a way to survive thru it all. Just like us and everything else in the world

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Love so much about this post, especially your photo. Brightest of autumn blessings to you, @sharoonyasir!

Awww thank you. You made my day. <3

You're very welcome! 🍁 💛

what a lovely reflection on the season and how to personally meditate on it. Thanks for sharing

How lovely is your comment. <3 <3

Lovely post @sharoonyasir

As colourful as the picture.

Autumn is natures way of getting ready for ski season! 😁


Thank you so much <3 Autumn is beautiful for sure.

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