Life is As Easy or As Difficult As You Make It..

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I have been away from Steemit for way too long. Did I miss it? Every single day. Am I regretting that I was away? Well, as much as I missed it, I am tryong not to be too harsh on myself for not being regular here because I was getting quite a handful of lemons from life in this time. But I am back and have also started my blog on Facebook to be more regular with blogging. It is called 'Mindful Reflections'. Here's the link to that and here's my first mindful reflection.

'Damn, life is too hard!'

This is one phrase I have grown up listening to. Wherever I went (have only been to Lahore, Islamabad/ Rawalpindi, Swat, Kallam, and 5 other northern areas so I don't intend to impose that I have traveled the world), I did hear this one phrase a lot. So as I grew older, I believed that life was never going to be easy for me and always a tough journey, and so it was.

My life hasn't always been straight; the truth is, it is straightforward for nobody. It gave me lots of lemons and while I made lemonade out of it mostly, sometimes I did sulk in one corner, all glum and sad, and whined crazily on how demanding life was.

I too, like others before kept waving the 'life is difficult' flag until one fine, beautiful day, a realization dawned upon me. Life isn't difficult.Nope, it wasn't one bit tough. It was as simple as abc. Trust me! But then why is it that everyone is in a rush? Why do we see tension dancing on every other face we come across? Why do people have antidepressants hugging their bags all the time? Why? Why? Why?

Well, I did find that answer too. Life is only as difficult or as easy as we make it- plain and simple. So if my life seemed tough to me, it was so because of the tough choices I made. I didn't want to live in any house, but one furnished nicely. I didn't want to travel by buses, but have my own car. I didn't want to send my son to any school, but an A-list one. I didn't always wanted to eat daal roti, but meat, cheese and sausages too sometimes. So with all these choices that I kept making, I kept increasing the difficulty level of my life. The more things you want, the higher level you'll have to climb on.

Now, I can live with a Mehran and don't really need a Civic although I want one, but I know I don't really want to push myself that much so my life is tough, but not too tough because I can manage my expenses within the income I make, but I have other obstacles I chose on my own.

I couldn't afford to live with a toxic person, so that was a tough choice I made. The decision came with living alone, doing odd jobs yourself, being my son's only guardian, answering weird questions and God knows what, but that was a choice I made so I had to be accountable for the hardships that came with it.

If your life feels really tough to you and you hate the universe for it, don't so. Be strong and hate yourself for it and then accept the choices you make. Trust me, the hate will lessen and you may give up on a few things to make life easier for yourself. I did so because I knew the extent of trouble I could take so I stopped pushing myself for things that weren't my priority and decreased my difficulty level a bit and trust me, it did give me relief.

The next time someone says how difficult life is, you can give them this lecture. You're welcome ;)


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nice to see you back. its been so LONG! im not on line so much thesee days and totallly off facbook ;-) <3 xx

Heyyy.. My favorite person commented. I am just so so happy. Going to check out everyone's profiles slowly and get back on track with reading more stuff on Steemit. For now, just trying to set pace with posting regularly. Getting back on track ain't easy, but I'll get there. Missed this space so so much and you tooo!!! <3

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