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this is a fantastically detailed post! well done. you've been resteemed by @the-hearth! another post of yours from this week will also be featured shortly in our weekly curation so keep an eye out :) Thanks so much for writing such quality, detailed, chocked full of photos, earth-centered content. Much love, @the-hearth (@mountainjewel ;) XO

Oh Hello!!!! And thank you!! Very cool @the-hearth !!!xoxoxoxo

I've always found the flowers to be so intricately detailed in their beauty. Never knew they had medicinal powers, as well as simply being breathtakingly beautiful! Great info, upvoted & resteemed

Thank you!!!

This is one of my favorite herbs of all time! Great info about it. Thanks! It has helped me manage stress and rebalance my hormones. I take the tea with me to my stressful job and I notice such a difference since I've started doing that. The flowers are so beautiful and the fruit is yummy too.

Oh I am so glad to hear this! Yes, it makes sense that such a beautiful flower could bring such calmness, doesn't it? Thanks for stopping by!

Totally! I can imagine not knowing about this plant long ago and wanting to see what I could make with it just because the flowers are such attention grabbers. Beautiful creation :)

I do not think I'll be making my own herbal medicines anytime soon considering my routine and responsibilities currently, but I enjoy and like this idea a lot because it can save you from a lot of side-effects of harsh chemicals put in medicines. So one day when I'll pursue this idea for real, I'll be using all your advice.

I love one paragraph in this post a lot- the one wherein you talked about connecting with a plant before making its tincture. I find this so beautiful- to really conenct with the plant and let it know how great and helpful it is. This way you transfer positivity to it and create a bond with it to create an even more helpful herbal medicine. It made me smile and reinforced the importance of spreading goodness around. This post is definitely going in my curation post later today or tomorrow morning.

Thank you!!!

Fascinating! Here is another great article for my bookmarks list. I am really enjoying learning about tinctures. I especially love how you recommend connecting with the plant before harvesting; an important aspect of staying in tune with nature. The greenhouse I worked with shared folklore surrounding the Passion flower which some may find interesting. It's one of those, take what you like and leave the rest pieces. If nothing else, the flower is simply mesmerising! -Aimee

Fantastic post what a beautiful flower. Sham it wont' grow here or I would give it a go 💯🐒

So cool! Thanks for sharing.