Another Video Jungle Journal

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Hi Steemit Family!

Here is another of my videos from the rainforest of Costa Rica. There is so much life going on that the jungle is constantly buzzing.



So nice ❤ love these scenes. The beams of sunshine through treetops, raindrops and little monkey are really sweet.

Thanks so much @yogajill ❤️🤗

BRILLIANT! - Awesome cinematography - you have an eye for exquisite detail!

Upvoted and resteemed :D

Thank you for such a kind comment. It’s much appreciated.

Lovely video. I love your photography and video.

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Thank you soooo much.

Thanks for taking me on this gorgeous escapade, truly soothing!

Thanks for such a great comment,
I am glad you liked it

Great footage you captured that was really incredible to witness !

thanks very much

Hola @sallybeth23.
Has recibido un vote como muestra de apoyo a la comunidad de Costa Rica, Pura vida!

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