The Question Whether to Have Kids When the World is in Such Troubled Times Has Been Posed @EcoTrains QOTW

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@eco-alex actual question for @ecoTrain is

Do you think it a good or bad idea to bring children into this world in these troubled times?

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I am a mother and a grandmother and that has been a big part of my life, making me a much different person than if I would have remained childless. That being said, do I need to have kids to know motherly love and what it is to put someone else's needs above your own?

I divorced the father of my child but I still had a yearning to have another child with all they bought out of me.
Again going back to - could that have happened in other ways? I think it can but it seems to need to be triggered by something to make it happen.

When I met my current partner I fell in love and we got married. He didn't want to have children and I didn't want to bring a child into this world who was not wanted or loved (although I'm sure he would have loved them if we had them)
I love my husband and I had no problem letting go of that desire to have children.
As it turned out I now work with young kids whom are like my children, that I care about and want to see develop to their greatest potential.

Maybe the question to ask is

How do we prevent unwanted and unloved children from being born into the world?

My first child was born because I became pregnant in a not very stable relationship (which ended in divorce). It was at a stage in life when I really wasn't thinking of having children and I had to make major changes to become a good mother. I love my son very much but I wonder sometimes what my life would have been like if I hadn't become pregnant.

How many other children are born into situations like this or worse? What if we could alleviate those situations.
Alleviate some of these horrible situations in the world and if a loving couple have offspring that they are able to give a good life to, raising them to be wonderful human beings - that is a beautiful thing!

Perhaps that may be the key to a brighter future, for the children are our future.

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A good answer. My wife and I chose not to have kids. We love being aunty and uncle and don't regret our choice.

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Yes there is lots of kids that can use some loving - I get my kid fixes working with the Pre-K.

It is funny how life shapes us. Deep down I believe that what is meant to be will be, that our paths are laid out for us, we just have to choose which path we will take. The path may not lead us directly to the intended objective, but it may come to us in another form because in one way or another, it was indeed intended for us.


I agree with you and you kinda know when you are living the way you are meant to live and when you get off that path. Then sometimes things may get a little hard until you find your way again.
Oh I wish I could have had some glimpses into the future at some point, to see that hey, your life is going to be okay and well worth living!

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I love the thought provoking questions of @eco-trail, you have brought up valid points. Sometimes I wonder if we are actually controlling what happens or if it is our destiny no matter what we do.

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Thanks for this thoughtful contribution - the ability to bear children does not always match up to desire, being wanted, ability to support etc and you made such a good point about us working together to fix that part first. I agree that the key to a brighter future is children whose very Being was chosen, and that they are conceived and born in love.

Interesting take on an interesting question! Personally, I think that I don't think that the world is quite in such troubled times... and if it were, I would want descendants who reflect the ideals that I hold dear. Hopefully, my children would be brought up with the similar ideas that I hold in regard...


Yes, for they will make the world that they will live in. May it be a beautiful one!


I like that way of thinking!

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Times are always troubled while there are crooks and bad men in power...

These are good questions that many of us share. The world is indeed in trouble, at least the world for supporting the many living things that we know. I would be optimistic if world leaders were actually addressing the problems, yet many are actually just making them worse. The same is true of big business. The way I see it, the top three issues the world faces today are (1) Climate change; (2) drug-resistant pathogens; and (3) growing inequality. It is pretty clear that our politicians, some of the major media channels, and business leaders are exploring the world and people for their own short term benefit. My only hope at this point is that youth will rise up to set us on the right course. However, extremes, such as where we are now, tend to lead to extreme, opposite reactions. So I worry that even well-intentioned efforts to address the world's troubles, may cause more.

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Perhaps it's one person at a time making the changes in their lives and then the families and communities to make their worlds a better place to live so it can spread through out the world.
But they would have to remain strong to resist the powers that be!

There was a paper not too long ago, released by a Economics Nobel Laureate that essentially stated that the more kids we had, the less sustainable life on Earth, and the economies of the world really are.

It is easy to "not have" an unwanted or "unloved" child. Planning. Not every nation has that freedom or ability - but as someone that has never had a glimmer of wanting a child of my own - this is easy to plan. My partner and I agree that it would be irresponsible to bring a child into this world as it is today.

Perhaps my view is such due to being the child of an arranged marriage myself, but my views on this matter are that the less kids the current "reproductive crop" bring into being, the better the planet will fare.

It doesn't need us, we need it!

The only thing I know it's that, I surely want my future children be loved and be able to grow in a place where they can develop all their potential. And there are parts that doesn't give you that privileges. So, we have to be careful when it's about patenting ...

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It saddens me to hear that there are places where you could not raise your children to their greatest potential and I thing I would be careful too about bringing a child into those circumstances.