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While I was at the LNC I was able to meet one of my big heros Ernest Hancock who runs a radio show Declare Your Independance. Show Link We were chatting about my idea for a resilient self-sufficiency trailer and Steemit. Ernie invited me on his show to discuss what I'm up to, and I got a confirmation from his Producer and wife Donna "You are confirmed for the interview Friday July 20th, 2018 from 11am-Noon EST" For a while I have been envisioning a project to create a way to create a mobile self-sufficiency system. I am working up a fundition proposal for this idea to create a prototype system and publish the build to Steemit so anyone may replicate it. I have many of the components already, but lack the trailer and a few items. I would love to travel around and demo this trailer as well to promote Steemit and Fundition because I believe this community is capable of powering an abundant future for all. may be asking. What is a Surthrival Trailer Brohemian Rhapsody?

The trailer will house everything you would need to accelerate development of intentional communities or homesteads.

To include the following:

6'x12' Trailer (Mobility)


2.64kW Solar Panels (8) 330 Watt (Power System)

Solar Panels.jpeg

10.3kWh (8) 6v 215Ah battery bank connected in series (Power System)


Sol-Ark 3kW Product (Power System)


3.5kW Genset (Power System)


270 gallon aquaponics system (Food System)


Caterpillar Tunnel Greenhouse (Food System)


Aircrete Foam Generator (Shelter System)


Flat Pack plywood Hexayurt Repeatable Form (Shelter System)


55 gallon Water Storage w/filtration (Water System)


Thermoelectric Atmospheric Water Harvester (Water System)


Detachable Mobile HAM radio (Communications System)


Thank you for your time this project will help to be manifested by Steemians for Humanity. The project will be documented @surthrival

cropped-LogoV1-2.png ## Peace and Joy @makinstuff

Let me know what you think in the comments, Follow, Upvote, and Re-Steem to all yo Peepmaster Freshes!


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Great interview and keep up the good work

Upvoted and now following. Interesting blog.

Wow, that's really awesome. I'm interested! Followed, and will upvote every post to support your project.

Ok aircrete and aquaponics. You got me in muh feelz.


You would be prepared for pretty much most disasters n be able to move away before disaster strikes.


That's the idea and making the knowledge available open sourced so anyone may replicate it for their community.

This is looking really good.

Have you got a ballpark cost to put all the components together for one trailer?

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Yep, ballpark is around $12,000 USD for all the components.

What an exciting project! I hope you get it off the ground! I noticed you are using tag ghscollective! This is fantastic, but it would be better to use #ghsc, which is our official tag! I also apologize for hijacking this comment to send you a message from the Collective!

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ahh my bad, Thank you!

This is a great and incredible design, looks like the future of mobility.


It is my pleasure, you welcome. @makinstuff