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Delegations help making the world a better place

One of the reasons for the existence of steemit is giving its underlying proof of stake cryptocurrency Steem some real world application. By upvoting posts, people give Steem and SBD to authors, making Steem the most active of all cryptocurrencies, as can be seen on blocktivity.

And the amazing thing is that while doing all those transactions Steem is only running at 0.14 % of its capacity, compared to other cryptos doing less transactions but running at much higher capacity, not to mention Bitcoin which, when I checked last time, was running at 100% capacity plus 8717 unconfirmed transactions, slightly down from 8830 unconfirmed transactions yesterday. Time for a changing of the guards, I´d say.

I´m telling you all this so we all understand that we have quite some cool piece of technology under the hood of steemit, with possibilities far beyond the realm of blogging and social media, though at the moment social media platform steemit and its clones is still the number one real world application, but in some years from now there could very well be also a veritable banking and commerce sector running on Steem.

But as in the analog world, not many people care about a wonderful engine if the car propelled by it looks awful, we also need a beautiful steemit car on top of that powerful Steem engine.
But why settle for a car if you could have a whole train instead?

Since July 2017 a new train has been faithfully traversing the vast steemit territories, the ecoTrain.
Initiated by its driven driver @eco-alex, the train has picked up many wonderful passengers (authors), who provide steemit with what it needs most, meaningful content which also, by the grace of the ecoTrain VIPs (investors in the ecoTrain) achieves some visibility, because let´s face it, lack of visibility, upvotes and interaction is the number one demotivator for many aspiring steemit authors and content providers, who quit just before seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, which could have probably even been the ecoTrain, coming to pick them up.

So it is initiatives like the ecoTrain which make up the soul of steemit, because without quality authors no proof of brain, no mining with minds, no great content. Then steemit would be just a sorry show of some bots playing pingpong with each other, upvoting meaningless trivel.
The ecoTrain is about all things that help to make the world a better place. You can read a nutshell summary about the ecoTrain here.
You can checkout the works of ecotrain authors at @ecotrain, especially in the ecoTrain magazine, which features a collection of recent ecotrain posts.

Every so often the ecoTrain authors write on a chosen topic in the "Ecotrain Question of the Week" format, it is always interesting to see the different takes on the same thing, the different ways to approach a topic.

We once also did a one week meditation challenge and the authors wrote about their experience afterwards.
So these examples above clearly demonstrate how @ecotrain has provided steemit with much needed great content, has encouraged lively interaction among the greater steemit community and helped some great authors to become more visible on steemit.

We are now trying to build up the @ecotrain account, so that this account itself can give some meaningful upvotes to ecotrain authors and on other posts which found our interest and support.
In order to do this we need delegations from people who are willing to support the ecotrain idea.

So @steemit, @ned, @steem, @misterdelegation ( the name says it all) and all you other friendly whales out there, if you could find it in your heart to give some delegations to @ecotrain it would be much appreciated, help make the world a better place and would be a great investment into steemit and the value of Steem because great content will arise from that investment.

So if you have any further questions or immediately want to support us and delegate Steem Power please email @eco-alex on: steemit.eco.train@gmail.com

Would be great if @ecotrain could pick up some more Steem!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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The @ecoTrain account is dedicated to supporting passengers who write original and valuable posts.

If you value what we are doing and don't wish to delegate, please consider checking the #ecoTrain feed where you can find and also up-vote the last 7 days of ecoTrain posts.

Thanking you for you support of fantastic Steemians who are making this world a better place!

very nice @likedeeler.. thanks for supporting @ecoTrain.. If you look at todays magazine its really loaded with amazing people and posts!


Lovely Initiative for the Train. Hopefully someone gets involved and delegates some SP. It will help many good authors.

We have so many incredible writers on the ecoTrain, and the skill of the writing is one thing, but each person is out in the world doing truly meaningful things to make the world better. It's truly a blessing to be surrounded by so many powerful heart Warriors.

nice steemit post


replay pls


thank you

Congratulations to you @likedeeler! You won the Ukiah Challenge. You can download your trophy from the new contest post:


Thanks for putting this into words, @likedeeler!! this would be a major blessing to steemit & the earth ~~ the #ecotrain is so full of important, dense articles!!

This is a great thing you are doing @likedeeler, with such knowledge and skills been shared on steemit via the ecotrain it deserves to get more Steem Power in order to help it's great community grow x