A Tribute To @gardenbsquared

in ecotrain •  11 months ago

Parus major

I would like to dedicate my first post in 2018 to @gardenbsquared,
member of the @ecotrain,
whose posts and pictures of birds and bugs have given me so much joy in 2017.

When I looked out of my window today, I was greeted by a beautiful sight,
a bush with lots of Great Tits
(the birds (Parus major), not the female appendages!)
and I managed to get this great shot of them.


Went finally birding today.
But alas, what can I say?
Till I got ready,
camera steady,
them birds had all flown away.

For more inspiring stories and a group of inspiring and supportive people check out @ecotrain.

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Nice one, i was really looking for the birds :-)

@gardenbsquared makes fantastic posts, true gem for SteemIt

nice poem and lovely shot

Thanks @likedeeler. I'm very honoured. Unfortunately I cannot reply with a nice limerick. That's healingherb's terrain. Happy new year.


No worries, just keep shooting them birds.
Happy New Year!