Who are the best people to lead or guide our world ...Politicians, Parents, Academics, Philosophers, High Tech.. Or someone else? EcoTrain QOTW

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Our World - what is our world?

Is it the communities we are in and belong to?

Society as a whole?

People, animals, or living things integrated into the concrete cities and towns, with freedom seekers on the fringes?

My world, our world, your world will mean different things to each of us, depending on who you are, how you see life and your perspective on the truth.

In my little world, I am the leader, my tribe is two little girls who definitely don’t see the world as I do. Well, one does, more than the other.

A lot of that involving fumbling around in the dark trying to get it right, I can read all the how-to books in the world, attend all the parenting classes I can and some things might even work for a little while.

But I unless I happen to stumble on some sort of secret combination of parenting strategies that work miracles that have evaded the millions of parents before me, then my role is just to keep doing my best.

I suppose the same can be said about the world leaders. But their best doesn’t necessarily mean the best for us. And like parenting, the same mistakes are made over and over.

I have some solutions though that would help guide the world become a better place, they do however require multiple groups of people to take action, as I don't think one single type of person will ensure world success (whatever that means lol)…


Ultimate Personality Test

personality test.jpg

Invent some kind of test that would accurately predict whether an individual will stick to their principles and promises, or whether power will corrupt them and these promises and principles fall by the wayside.

If we knew with absolute assurance that promises would be kept, or not given up on, then as a democracy, we could vote this type of person into power and be assured that the majority’s wishes would be carried out.


The Important Decision Jury


In the same vein as above, if there could be a jury of ‘normal’ people, as opposed to power hungry politicians, or profit at any cost business persons advising - let’s say 100 people elected from local communities to represent the ‘real’ world and views that are more diverse than much of the narrow-mindedness that lives in governments and positions of power at the moment.

Then a decision will be passed when the majority (over 60%) say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and the issue will be debated till such a time when this majority occurs.


Media Takeover


One day, hordes of us like zombies will raid and take over the broadcasting centers or be ready behind the hack, as that is probably more relevant these days.

We just see a filtered version of the truth, or the version of the truth the powers that be want us to see. If we could start to have (or be allowed to create) documentaries, news shows etc that explored all sides of a story, not just the one that ‘protects’ us from the reality of the situation.

And include all the news that is shockingly omitted, like pedophile rings that operated out of Disneyland.

And maybe let us decide whether the emphasis on what is important or not. Celebrities are not more important than earthquakes.


Research On what Works Around the World



In the UK, we have a problem with overcrowding in prisons, but if we took a leaf out of Korea’s book (thanks @johnskotts), we could solve this in my humble opinion…

So, in Korea when someone breaks the law, for example, they get caught texting and driving, they have an alternative way of dealing with it.

On a Sunday morning, the offenders are all gathered up and made to wear banners that state their crime and then they are paraded all through the town for 8 hours.

The public has the right to go ask them why they did it, to point fingers, scream at them, taunt them till they cry.

Anything, but no touching, but you can throw eggs, cream, water, rotten tomatoes, and even honey.

This sounds like a good deterrent to me that could work well.


A Shift in Profits


I absolutely love this idea from @lost108 (Exclude Capitalism from the Basic Surviving Needs!) of shifting the profits to items that we want, but everything that is a basic need, like food, water, energy bills, health, and rent is sold at cost price, but the luxuries and gadgets are where profits can be made as that is down to each individual and their wants.

If needs were met at cost price, there would be a whole lot less worry about how to afford these things on a month to month, paycheck to paycheck basis, so stress and depression would lessen.

There you go, a handful of ideas to ‘fix’ the world : )

With <3 @hopehuggs

(Images from Pixabay unless otherwise stated)



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What a great write up.

Awesome article, thanks for supporting my idea, I would love to see a change soon, we desperately need one, keep up the good fight, best regards :)

All good ideas and I am so happy to hear about your little world and all the happiness in it 💚