Day 8: Mountain Musings (A Poetical Message for you From Nature)

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Maybe this poetical message is meant for you?

Each day I’m writing a poem ‘inspired’ by a nature card and writing a poem according to the vibes it gives off.

My hope is the message meets its intended reader. <3

Today’s drawn picture was a mountain…

Imagine through your mind’s eye
See a mountain so high
Far above the crowds
You head amongst the clouds.

A moment to be still
Sit and chill
Let the thoughts unwind
Leave the chaos behind

Watch each stress fly away
Out of your pathway
Get a pin and pop
Make the negativity stop

Then take note of whats there
The words deep in the lair
That don’t get a chance
To get out and dance

In there will be the thought
The one that is sought
The answer to your quest
Viewable in quiet rest.

It is always around
Drowned out by the sound
Of the din and bustle
A stirring rustle.

To give you direction
In the reflection
Of the mountain lake
When you take a break.

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Quite well written. The second stanza is my favourite... it's something I should do these days.

I haven't written a poem on my blog for a long while now... maybe I will soon but I have other things I want to post first.

Beautifully written that was the nicest poem i have read :)

Aaahhhh.... reflections - in still waters of a mountain lake, in our thoughts. Transformational stuff to pause and look at reflections.

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