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Thought For The Day: Divine Discourse

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I am writing this from Prashanti Nilayam( The Abode of Supreme Peace) in Puttaparthy, India. It is an Ashram and retreat that millions flock to each year to recharge, be inspired, and open their hearts to the divine message within.

There arent many places on Earth where human values are at their peak, where the people walk their talk and shine their light to the world. A few weeks here and I can usually take this high vibration with me for many moons wherever i may go afterwards.

So today I would like to share with you a thought for the day , one that changes daily and is displayed on a chalk board in the Ashram and always provides a nice message to start the day with.

Sai Baba always did have way of speaking in very simple terms that communicated such beautiful messages with such grace and potency. I will copy it in text below in case the image is hard to read.


You must cultivate love towards everyone, however distinct the character and capacity of each may be. Though the same blood flows through the entire body, the eye cannot smell, the ear cannot taste, the nose cannot see, and so on. So, do not amplify the distinctions and quarrel with one another. Emphasise upon the basic brotherhood of mankind and the principle of love. Just like sugar that is fully dissolved in the cup of water is invisible, but potent to the tongue in every drop, so too the divine is invisible but immanent; He is capable of being experienced in every individual, whether rich or poor, educated or illiterate. Repeat the names of the Lord (Namasmarana) incessantly. Dwell on his glory and compassion which those names reveal to you. Taste the sweetness that is in the heart of everyone. Then it will be easier for you to visualise Him in all, to love him in all, and to adore him in all.

31/7/1967 Baba

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Love does not draw attention to itself. Rather like the sugar that dissolves it selflessly sweetens and makes things better. Kind of like the person behind the scenes who helps out in a situation. Thanks @eco-alex.

Taste the sweetness that is in the heart of everyone.

A beautiful reminder for us to love unconditionally. Thanks so much for sharing this message @eco-alex ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


Thanks for appreciating this!

THANKYOU 💚💚💚 ... can feel peacefulness wash over me with this. Xx