Steem ecoVillage Update : Land Acquired in Portugal, Website Launch, ecoVillage Token is Live!

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Last month I shared a post about ecoVillage, and promised to update you all with some big news, and today I'm very happy to share with you some incredible news and updates to the ecoVillage project. In my last ecoVillage post I had set the clear intention to not only create an ecoVillage based on natural giving, but also to get the help and support to manifest this grand project from the Steem community. You guys did not let me down, and today I'm so happy to share with you that we have now secured the land for the first ecoVillage, FOR FREE! So a HUGE shout out to @orlev, who by amazing co-incidence shares my vision for ecoVillage completely! @orlev has recently bought around 7 acres of beautiful pine forest land in Portugal, with the intention of creating an offgrid community based also on natural giving. After a few good chats @orlev has agreed to join the ecoVillage project and donate his land to create our first ecoVillage! This is a huge milestone, and a great positive sign that this new paradigm concept can, and is working! We are now in the position to start manifesting an ecoVillage, which is open to all, with some very interesting new paradigm features that I would like to share with you in this post.


Disrupting the "Cost of Living" Industry

The most successful enterprises over the past few centuries have been the ones that have disrupted a particular industry. When you can use technology and innovation to completely change the way people do certain things - things which everyone has taken for granted as just "the way things are" - it unlocks the potential for massive profits while also greatly improving people's lives and in rare cases the environment as well.

One thing that underlies every industry is the extremely high cost of living nearly everywhere in the world today. One of the biggest expenses for nearly every business is salaries and labour. This is because they must pay their employees enough to live in modern society including excessive mortgage payments, grocery costs, and utilities like electricity, water, heating and air conditioning.

But all of those things don't need to cost money. They are all provided by the earth, free of charge. If we can significantly reduce or eliminate the cost of living, then some of the largest expenses of nearly every person and business in the world suddenly turn into profits.

There are start-ups all over the world receiving massive amounts of funding to try to disrupt nearly every industry you can think of, but there are none that we have ever seen dealing with the cost of living that underlies everything.

This, right now, is your chance to be a part of a truly world changing opportunity. This is a bold claim, but if you read on I think you'll find that this is not only very possible, but also relatively simple to get started while having the potential for massive growth.


ecoVillage will provide a lifetime of self sufficient off-grid living for all members. ecoVillage will not only remove the burden of self building, but will also donate the land, labour, and management of the entire build process to each community member.

An ecoVillager would only have to pay for the material costs of their earthship home. As the community develops it will produce many products, goods, and services such as vegetables, crafts, workshops and entertainment. A percentage of these profits are shared with ecoVillage and used to expand and improve the ecoVillage. Profits are also used to buy back ecoVillage tokens from investors on an ongoing basis. Investors may exit at any time by selling their ecoVillage coin on the open market.

This is very decentralised approach to community living and commerce, whereby each member would have all the amenities they need to live self sufficiently with no bills. Whilst they would be responsible for the maintenance and management of their homes, they would receive the support and help they need from the ecoVillage. The community works synergistically and for the good of all, like a family unit.

We can look at this model as a collaborative approach to eco building and living, that brings together the very best of capitalism, the very best of sustainable building, and a community of motivated and empowered people. The result is ecoVillage, finally a way that makes it not only possible, but even easy, for anyone who wants to build their own eco home.

The ecoVillage model provides a replicable system that would remove the obstacles that people face when building on their own. Those few who do succeed self building often find themselves living very remotely and are quite isolated. I know of many people who have had had to leave their eco homes and go back to grid living for various reasons. The most common reason is for the children, as they got older they need more than just a mother and father and siblings.

Self Sufficiency

An ecoVillage is a group of people living in homes built by the community using Earthship Biotecture. Earthships are able to provide their occupants with a lifetime of power, water, and comfort in any climate, with almost no utility bills or centralised systems in place.

Ethical Investment

ecoVillage coin is being sold to investors, with funds being used to initiate the ecoVillage community. ROI is ensured via continued buyback of ecoVillage coin at market prices from profits made by the community selling products and services.

Diverse Range of Products and Services

The ecoVillage community will produce various products that can be sold to shops and online via the ecoVillage shop. Some examples of goods are organic fruits and vegetables, organic compost and fertiliser from community waste, sustainably grown products, furniture, workshops and events.

ecoVillage expansion

Once this model has proven to be successful through demonstration, ecoVillage will expand to create new ecoVillages around the world. This will further support the ecoVillage coin as products and services will also expand.


Would you like to be a part of making ecoVillage a great success? I am now in the process of creating a team of people who will take on the various roles that are needed to make this happen. At this early stage we are looking for people who can help with the various aspects of this project. If you have experience or enthusiasm for this project then please join us on the new online ecoVillage Community Network, where we are discussing and planning this project.

1. Setting Up The Company / Legal Advice

If you have knowledge and experience with setting up companies we would love to hear from you. We are currently choosing the most appropriate type business model for ecoVillage. @ura-soul has been assisting me with some basic advice and at this stage we are looking at the option of a Social Enterprise model, which does seem to fit well with what we are doing. If you would like to advise and help us set this company up then please do join us at . If you have any knowledge or experience with the laws and regulations in Portugal then we would really love to hear from you!

2. Blockchain

ecoVillage has its own Token on which is now available for investors to purchase! We would like to integrate other blockchain features into our website, and ultimately would like to develop a system for our community to use that would allow for many of the features seen on Steem such as upvotes and rewards. This system would be used to manage and direct ecoVillage funds into projects and community ideas. If you have knowledge or experience with blockchain development we would love to hear from you!

3. Permaculture

One of the first things we will do with the land is to initiate food production based on permaculture. We are looking to assemble a small team of people who will join us in Portugal to start working with the land and setting up the food production! If you have experience with organic farming and permaculture please join us on the community network and let's chat!

4. Social Network Outreach

We want to reach out to others and share this idea with the world! If you would like to help us with our social media networking, reaching out to others and helping us to grow this movement then we would love you to get involved!

5. Community

Last but not least, if you are interested in joining us as an ecoVillage member then now is your chance! We are not choosing members just yet, but would like to assemble a group of potential community members who are keen to get involved!

Do you want to see where the land is:


If you understand what we are doing and would like to show your support for this project then please buy $1 of ecoVillage tokens on This show of support means so much to us, and is also a nice little investment that may well pay back dividends in the future!


We are using our delegation to support sustainability and all related topics on Steem. Some of the curation rewards will also be used to help fund the initial steps of forming the ecoVillage company. We don't need much to get going, and need funds to cover some of the basic costs related to starting up a company as well as some legal advice.

Whilst Steem is largely a technical endeavour that usually supports technical blockchain projects, I believe we also need to also use it to promote and engage with the deep world issues that Blockchain is here to solve. Would it not be amazing to see a successful Steem supported ecoCommunity like this on the mainstream news?! ... And how good would that be for the support and price of Steem?! ; -)

With huge thanks to @yabapmatt for his support and delegation to the cause...





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wow! amazing idea

the same thing i was saying will follow for sure


I'm blown away. I was chatting to @bubke about this at SF4 and just checked out this latest post, I had no idea things had progressed so quickly. This is the most exciting and inspiring initiative on the Steem blockchain.

It's real, and what a great country to have fortuitously stumbled upon!

You should really check out Home Biogas for an excellent self sufficiency option. They are running a Kickstarter now with a much reduced price.

You can read about my experience with HomeBioGas here:

Thanks! Yes home biogas is a great option.. although we would make our own for free rather than buy a commercial product.. thanks!

Make your own for free. Interesting. Would love to know to do that.

Its not so hard but it will be bigger than a commercial product.. u can do most of it with mud and make a nice dome for the housing... then a few pipes and things and your on your way! Ive seen a few on my travels

There's a place in Costa Rica called Rancho Mastatal, they have been dealing with a biodigester for many years now and it works great, but without collecting manure from a neighbor they wouldn't make enough gas for all their cooking. And they have quite a lot of people coming in and out. Also they told me this only really works well in hotter climates, which may be perfect in portugal.

Thanks for this’ ... we might have to have a horse or two ;)

ah man... horses too!!! I am having a rwally hard time imagining doing what I'm doing in New York instead of at ecoVillage number one in Portugal with you 😁!

Awe mate! Im feeling you!

What ? This is great ! :) will probably keep an eye out as i will have some free time maybe to join you or help in any way, for a while i wanted to learn about adobe construction.
Meanwhile can always hold some eco :)

Nice, thanks @zedikaredirect ! please do join us in the community network.. you can certainly learn about adobe work with earthship construction.. especially the plastering!


Great project as i will love to have one in my country Sierra Leone West Africa

I can't believe this is going ahead. I have been looking into the Earthship thing for a while now and recently bought the app so I could see the plans and get more info but as mentioned in your post, the idea of doing it by myself is quite daunting as well as the thought of living without neighbours or support (I have two kids and a wife). I will be buying some tokens and watching this with interest. Great work !!

Thank u jim! So glad u get it!

It is truly remarkable what is POSSIBLE when we align with purity of intention.

Wonderful, wonderful news. Let there be more of it!!

Leading the curation trail for both @ecotrain & @eco-alex.
Together We’re Making This World A Better Place.

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Here here xxx

This gotta be the best project I've ever seen in the STEEM blockchain!!

I live in Portugal, a bit far away from Penamacor and don't have that much ease to travel, still, given the opportunity I definitely want to help/participate, one way or the other ;D

Also given the opportunity I'll acquire some ECO tokens, and will for now share this post on other social media ;)

Thank You very much for starting this amazing project!!

All the best, In Lak'ech Ala K'in

Thanks for this awesome comment! Your support and positivity means a lot to me! I hope to see u one day in Portugal!

Very interesting concept and idea

Fantastic, love the whole concept of creating of a village to get off grid instead, as you mentioned, living in a remote area. My husband spent the better part of 40 years living in the suburbs in NJ, USA , but was fortunate enough to purchase a 10 acre piece of land in Upstate NY . Always thinking of moving off grid, grow our own food, become self sustaining but it was our four children, that kept us in NJ until we retired 3 years ago. We now have seen our dream come true.
I wish you the best with this awesome project in Portugal. Again, a village of sharing and caring for each other, just beautiful.

Yeah the kids... I thought that was well said too. That's why we want to do that dame kind of thing as what Alex is proposing in New York near Kingston. We have in mind to have around 6 families living full time in a community. We should get in touch just to talk... I haven't met toi many steemians in NY.

Congrats on your dream finally created!

Good morning, I really love the whole concept, being in a community with shared values, working together and creating a self sustaining homestead. Awesome.
Thanks for dropping by. Good luck.

Hehe thanks for the reply!

Holy crap!!! It's actually happening. Nice job manifesting the first steps Alex. I really feel a lot of excitment for you and anyone who will be pioneering this project!!!!

It is so great. I will be buying some of them tokens too for sure but, I want to be there to help build at least 3 earthships... 😁. I want to go there now aaaaahhhh!!!!!

Great initiative @eco-alex. Just shows how we can leverage steem blockchain to build any project and turn any dream into reality. Steem will be a different thing for different people and help them build their dream with it.

For my part upvoted, resteemed and will spread the word on social media - facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest ect.

Wish you all the best with your project.

Thanks for spreading the word much appreciated!’

It's nice to see quality posts for a good cause reaching the top of Steem. Something that adds real long term value to the world while most of the world still races to deplete every last resource before everyone else does. Maybe blockchain can solve the worlds resource problems before the parasites gobble it up. This is inspiring and worth sharing.

Well said briggsy, very well said!

Haha, yes, that is what we wanna see, such a fantastic news, congratulations on acquiring the land, let the tyres come and the ships rise, omg!

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100% agree with this sentiment. Let's let the seas of steem be the only rising tides and we can build something sustainable off the back of this 🙂

I'm seriously thinking about looking at this as an option for a future place to live.

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we could do same in India, make a trust, get some amazing land and start ecovillage 2

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Ha ha, it's funny you should say that... as when I saw the announcement post for the eco village there was talk of it being in India... then the next night I had a crazy dream about trying to hitch to steemfest that started with leaving the ecovillage.

I'm kinda living in a dream world in general, as funding would be my biggest problem. I feel like the joy of living in an ecovillage would be the community and getting out from under bills etc.

I guess freedom is the dream, and something of a commodity these days. It's gr8 to see projects like this that are empowering people to live in a more harmonious way, with their environment, and their inner world.

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Hi @eco-alex find your EcoVillage Project amazing!
Would like to learn more about the possibilities and synergies you see in collaborating with you... wish you All the Best!

Thank u! Please do join us on the community network, where we can see what collaborations are possible!

Oh wow, this is happening! I'm so excited, and would love to contribute. Other than the Earthship work, that is actually building the buildings, I would be excited to participate in the Permaculute work. Hmmm... I guess I should probably continue this comment on the community network.

Yay! Yes the permaculture work is probably the most important for the start of this project! And yes ... see u on the community network! xx

This is very exciting! First I've heard of the ecoVillage, but it sounds like you're going about it wisely, taking incentives and scale into account. Wow!

Thanks geke! There will be no military spending in ecoVillage ;)

Oh. Please do not leave predators the women and children living there easy pickings. Consider security an essential human need, and incorporate means of protecting the inhabitats from savage predators. Walls,locked doors, stout fences, these are security measures that will enable the vulnerable among you to avoid being harmed by people that just want to harm you.

Please don't neglect security, or people will be hurt.

There are a lot of security measures that can be taken which would not fall in the "military spending" category. But I do agree with valued-customer, that a cogent security plan is something that should be addressed by those who would live and work there. All the best...will be watching for updates.

This sounds like dreams coming true. May it become all you have every hoped it could be, and more enough that you realize you were short sighted considering how great it could be.

Great success, and thanks!

Wonderful wording! Thank you so much for you're empowering comment.

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So exciting!
vetry interested in following your model, as we are still trying to figure out ours for our eco village!
I just had a talk with another of our members and on of our challenges or differences is the way we see money... I have this feeling that we can do things in alternative ways with much less money that the dominant society, where she feels we have to go and take a big loan in the bank to realise things.. So this is our first clash, so I am interested in how you make ends meet! The ecoVillage Token is exciting!

Oh wow! Good to hear about your project!
I would strongly advise against a loan, as u seem to understand.. what a terrible burden and weight on the community and its ability to prosper.

I believe in natural giving and collaboration.. we can save a small fortune working with like minded people who are ready to share and collaborate!
I mean, we already have land for free after some patience and meeting the right people... wishing u the very best with your project!

yes i really hope we manage to find the right path in this difference of perspective in the group.. but its somehow hard to present a "plan" that is based on trust in the completely unknown 😂 but i feel it, so i still believe it!

Great project! Gentleman! When I was a kid I always keep dream ING about such things. One of which is this. I always wanted to be a part of this one!
Whenever your project will come to India. I will always be interested in taking part in such projects.

Ithank you!

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thanks Saun!
yes once this project proves itself i will SURELY be spreading this in India.. After 14 years in India i Know so many people who would want to take this one... and who knows maybe you!


So glad I saw this post, as I have a W.I.P. project that would be PERFECT for your STEEM Eco-Village! It is a solar initiated "STG" which means Simplified Tesla Generator (or S for Solar) but only takes one small panel (or batteries) to run the resonant circuitry. I plan on releasing this design 'open source' and at some point a small community like the Steem Eco-Village would be the perfect way to showcase it. Freely Generated Electricity would be something great for such a place, it is also completely clean. The only drawback I can see is a possible RFI issue. But that can be shielded pretty easy. In fact, I believe the shielding will increase the efficiency of the power production.

undeRGRound#7534 is my Discord ID

Interesting. An off grid village would be the ideal place to test this type of device. I'll be following your posts.

I do need to post about it, I have an 'open source release' and it would be just as easy to walk someone thru the process, as compared to going to Portugal and setting it up. Provided it works as well on the big scale as the small version does! Upscale really should work even better, every step version 1 thru 4 showed power increases. The last one I built was so powerful it indicated that one could charge an entire bank of batteries with one small solar panel... or one small battery ;)

hi! oh WOW this sounds Very intersting! I am actually planning to get in touch with Tesla to see if they are interested in sponsoring us with powerwalls.. so this idea also sounds very cool...

Im not quite sure the details of your concept, but would love to know more..
would you join us on the community network to discuss it further and learn more about your invention?

Okay, this is awesome news, and to me actually a bit funny, as I was recently telling Marek that I've been reading that Portugal is actually one of the best places to live in Europe.

A big part of me has wanted to move back to Europe since I spent most of a year in Luxembourg. I felt more at home there, in spite of the language differences, than I ever have in the States.

And who knows? We are looking to downsize, as I've inherited tons of "stuff" that I neither need nor want, so perhaps an eco village is precisely what we need. God knows we'd be able to see Marek's mother in Poland more frequently, which would be wonderful, as she in in her eighties. ;-)

I'm not sure if we'll be able to physically take part, at least on a full time basis, but I'd love to help in the planning stages, particularly with the permaculture aspects.

I have a lot of knowledge around unusual food plants, and natural medicine, as well as an excellent store of non-GMO heirloom seeds.

Resteemed, upvoted, and I'll be delegating later today.

Thank u! Please join us on the community network, would love to have your inputs regardless of whether u become active or involved in the actual Community

Will do, thanks, Alex!

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This is really amazing @eco-alex, both my person Gregory Ortiz @kantos as well as the Musical Foundation Kantoría @fundakantoria that I have the pleasure to direct in Venezuela, we congratulate you and we are proud for such a great achievement.
Actually our blockchain Steem is amazing, there is a lot that can be achieved here.
I take the opportunity to thank all the support you give to the account of my boys, they do a good job and we are sure that with the passing of a few years of maturity will be able to achieve much greater things than I have been able to achieve so far.
You imagine that my boys can build an ECO-VILLA-MUSICAL in Venezuela, many years to that, but if we dream, we have faith and work hard, perhaps we can achieve it.
Esto es realmente asombroso @eco-alex, tanto mi persona Gregory Ortiz @kantos así como la Fundación Musical Kantoría @fundakantoria que tengo el gusto de dirigir en Venezuela, te felicitamos y estamos orgullosos por tan grande logro.
En verdad nuestra blockchain Steem es sombrosa, es mucho lo que se puede conseguir aquí.
Aprovecho la oportunidad para agradecer todo el apoyo que brindas a la cuenta de mis chicos, ellos hacen un buen trabajo y estamos seguros que con el pasar de unos cuantos años de madurez podrán lograr cosas mucho mas grandes de las que yo he podido alcanzar hasta ahora.
Te imaginas que mis muchachos puedan construir una ECO-VILLA-MUSICAL en Venezuela, faltan muchos años para eso, pero si lo soñamos, tenemos fe y trabajamos duro, quizás podamos lograrlo.

i do not have a lot of time but i would like to participate, by the way
we need to read an japanese autor caller Masanobu Fukuoka it is the father of phermaculture i love it.
well i hope your proyect up and grow up for have a great support in the blockchain.

Thanks a lot! Yes i know Fukuoaka, and have had some fun making seed balls and spreading them around! Xx

So happy to hear these news, I am truly moved that this is going forward. Count on me to buy the token!

Awesome! Thanks for the support edouard!!

Just placed a buy order for the price of 2 Steem!
I hope I can visit you in Portugal in a few years!
Until then, let's hope for solar planes ;)

Ecovillage coin is a little different to the other coins.. u wont be able to buy at 2 steem as the public sale is for 4 coins and the price will only go up as im selling 100,000 at the price, then the price will go up for the second phase..

Since there is zero inflation and no one can get it from rewards or posting, only buying, the price will only go up, not down

In a few years i surely hope to see u there!

Very cool, you should explain it like that in your next post, I am sure many will be thrilled to find out about that!

So basically the way it works is that ecoVillage will buy back your investment in the future from profits and income from the community... so people are buying And holding longer term until we are ready to buy back at higher prices..

Love seeing your vision starting to be realized!
Interesting piece of land!
Was there some logging done there or something? It looks like there has been planting of the trees for many plots look like they are in rows.
I wish I was closer for I'd love to be able to participate.
As for now I have bought some ECO and delegated to @ecotrain.
Keep the vision happening! All the best in this endeavor!

Then area has a lot of eucalyptus and pine production and harvesting... so yes i think they are logging...

Thanks for the support of ecoVillage coin! And your generous delegation!! Xx

The land was a pine Grove for logging. It hasn't been used for a few years so there's a lot of under brush (which is good for us... Lots to mulch with.)the land surrounding is entirely eucalyptus plantations... A common problem in Portugal.. We wish to take this plot and heal the land with increased biodiversity and fertility.. We have many big plans if you would like to hearprw specifics. Also, if you're interested we will be posting the second episode of our vlogumentary series soon. (my hard dive just crashed last night with ALL the episodes data... So going to try and salvage that today.... Wsh me luck...)

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Good to hear you will be healing the land, bringing back more biodiversity and fertility. So glad it will be the foundation for the ecoVillage, benefiting the land and the future community!
I'm looking forward to your second episode of the vlogumentary series! I'll be tuning in!

waoo sin duda un gran proyecto, ojala y se de...

Nice! I shall come by on my way south in spring!

Really amazing project so I'm very interested to see how this goes and follow progress. I have a vision to build my own earthship about 4-6 years from now and the approach you have outlined is very aligned to my values.

Have you done any modelling on how this ecosystem will work? Particularly considering the way it scales as people join and economies have to develop to support larger communities? I'd suggest doing some modelling in cadCAD - you'll be able to run scenarios and demonstrate the rigorousness with which you have thought about this complex system you intend to bootstrap. It will bring much more credibility and trust to your project if this is there.

thank you!
i have not yet done any modelling on this .. its a bit early stages right now as we are just forming the details and vision.. this system looks intersting, might have to take a look once we get going.... thanks for sharing!

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Good luck with the project! It sounds exciting.

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Best of luck! This is an amazing project! I hope there are many more like it. :)

Me too! Thank u

Congratulations! What good news, @eco-alex. It is so true that he who seeks finds, because you have found a way to ally your dreams to a possible enchanting reality. I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart.

thank you dear! <3 x

WOW,that sounds really amazing!
Great project!!!

I can't even flag this as its too in alignment with my views. I can appreciate this venture and the more eyes it gets the better..

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Lol! There would be no point also as the rewards of this post are being burned and put back to the reward pool... but happy to hear u support it

Awesome @eco-alex just when I thought all hope was lost and I was destined to spend my time on steem flagging whale witnesses that I'm not in agreement with, you go and pull this off. 👏 👏 👏

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Thank you! Yeah u neva know what’s around the corner .. some witnesses are very very good people i can testify to that!

Yes, see that's exactly the issue at hand. Just because I'm not totally in agreement with what a witness does or how they steem on doesn't mean I'm judging them as a human being.. It never fails that if I express my point of view in a logical, albeit curt manner I get attacked and called a bitch, moron, useless, entitled idiot.. In the real world not the keyboard warrior realm things are a bit more civil and don't jump straight into you're a this or that kind of person..

But, I also get IRL I wouldn't be able to have direct contact with the board members as a mere teeny share holder. But such is the nature of blockchain and the implementation of democratic traditions is a difficult premise in a transparent ecosystem..

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Good stuff!
Just tried to buy tokens on steem engine,
but the site doesn´t let me sign in with my posting key,
so as a superstitious yogi I must assume the gods are not on your side. 😘

Oh thanks likedeeler! ... not ;) I think u need to use your active key!

I wanted to buy some Eco but wasn't sure how to do it so I followed this post from @riverflows for buying LOTUS coins but you can use it to buy any coins.
I followed the instructions and bought my ECO
I did use Steemkey and have saved my active key there
Hope this helps and good luck buying some ECO!

Thanks, I will try again.

@eco-alex , @porters, I just went to the steem engine site via the link in this post and now I´m logged in!
So apparently it somehow worked when I wanted to log in with my posting key yesterday, but with some delay or whatvever.
Not exactly inspiring trust, but so what,
we are not talking life changing amounts here.
But experiences like this are the reason why I will not commit to steemit,
or any other crypto field for that matter, with serious money.
I just dabble a bit.

this is great! I can think of lots of people I will be sharing this with

How do I get in touch with you? Is it through the network you linked to?

How do I get in
Touch with you? Is it through the
Network you linked to?

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I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Yes or on discord...

@eco-alex I will contact you on discord in a few days.

Hey... i love this post.

..sounds great!...follow you...

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Great. Love it 🤗

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Wow that's great


Beautiful all

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Excellent article

This is fucking epic. I would love to get involved if I didn’t live 100000000 miles away.

i do like that word 'epic' ;-) thank you.. sounds like you might live on mars, but fear not.. you can surely get involved and share your thoughts, ideas, and whatever you have to say on the many topics involved!

please join us on the community network at

Great project

First of all, congratulations on the progress!
As a Steemian living in Portugal and interested in these kind of things ( although I do not necessarily see myself in an eco-village ( yet ), I would love to know where this land is located. Would you mind sharing that info here? :>)

Um abraco,


hey vincent, yes sorry i should have put a link in the post.. it is here:

Thank you.

I suspected it to be close to the Serra da Estrela. Just found out that it's only a little over 100k from my home, which would be a two hour drive in this area. If I'd have a car and or driver's license it would be extremely close.

Good to know overall and I will keep a close eye on how all this develops :>)

NICE! hey neighbour ;-)

Wow. Great initiative. Well-done

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More valuable information thanks a lot

Wow, I can see your dream shaping up so well. It is almost unbelievable to think that we can live in a place with no Bills but I am sure this will happen in your Eco Village.
@anarchy4freedom, this is completely of your interest. Do check it out

I will thank u for this! Xxx much love!

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Thanks for the post.

Sounds really interesting! Followed, resteemed and waiting for more news!

thanks @eirik ! .. yes more news to come ;-)

Beautiful posts

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I will have to follow you to see the progress of this project it is very exciting.

Wow that's amazing. 👍👍👍

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I love this project! I can see myself moving here and taking part in this great adventure. Just bought some ECO and heading to the community website now!

lol! you say that and then downvoted this post 100%.. maybe that was an accident?

Looks interesting

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