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People, people, oh people
What a paradox we are.
Oh so very different in so many ways,
and yet we are all exactly the same.

We all have the same needs
Our needs are the most important part of being happy
And yet we so rarely have our needs met
Or even understood

Communication is no longer effective
It seems we can no longer hear
No matter what words we use
We hear what we think
Not what was said
It never used to be this way

We live in special times,
We live in troubled times,
We live in a world that is totally connected
And yet totally fragmented

We know everything
And yet we know nothing.
Illusion and delusion
The truth is there in plain sight

We were all born into a damaged world.
The problems in this world are not our fault
Yet the responsibility to correct it
Sits squarely on our shoulders .
If we don’t fix this
Then who will?

Find that place where our humanity meets
and Nourish it, water it, love it, appreciate it.
Let go of what doesn’t work.
Let go of that which doesn’t serve your greatest desires.
Be wise, be brave, make a good choice today,
And watch how the Universe responds!

It is easy to blame
It is easy to judge
It is all too easy to give our power away.
I take responsibility for all that is manifest in my world.
I welcome every conflict and challenge,
As a chance to learn,
An opportunity to truly grow.

If you are stuck in conflict,
Then take the blame
Hold it
Own it
Then watch what happens!

Its a time for truth
Its a time to move on
its time to let go
its time to grow
your future awaits you

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