ok, aliens exists.. now what...?

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Did any of you spot the recent news where the pentagon basically admit that UFOs are real? This story slid pretty quietly past many peoples eyes.. and no one is really talking about it. As a side note, this makes me realise how the media really control the narrative.... We only seem to talk about and care about those things that the media hype on. Can u imagine what people would be saying and doing if this news had been picked up like any other great news story? The world would all be talking about it, emotional about it, and very excited, concerned and of course for some ... fearful. This is not the case though, despite some incredible photos of said spacecraft pulling manoeuvres that are simply not possible by any modern day technology. I would like to share that I have seen these same spacecraft many years ago in India.. along with many friends who all witnessed three of these spacecraft in a triangle formation.. they rotated and then suddenly all split off in different directions at extreme speeds. We all knew what we saw, and now it is confirmed to me in these latest pictures.

We might ask, did the Pentagon just figure this out, or have they decided that for some reason now is a good time to start to release this information? I believe that the time for the open knowledge of the existence of aliens, and indeed incredible alien technology has come due to the fact that humanity is about to launch into space and become space travellers.. aliens in our own right! It makes sense to me that once we start to travel the solar system and beyond, it is then time to know about what is out there.

Very soon humanity will reach Mars. This is an incredible shift, and one worth paying some attention to. We live in incredible times and it can be so easy to miss these great events whilst distracted with very local and intense events. Sometimes I think its good to take a step back so that we can really start to see the bigger picture. We live on the edge of the greatest shift that humanity has seen in almost every sense. Our reality is about to become very strange, very weird.. and in many ways much much better.

In a sense, we are throwing off the shackles and chains that remain from our industrial age, and even our entire global system of Patriarchy. Those systems are completely redundant now, and make no sense in a world this connected and this technological. We do not need our leaders in the way we used to need them. In these new age times, it is our leaders who need us, to keep them empowered. The truth is that technology has systematically removed power from the top, layer by layer, and now we all look at the thin skin that remains. Once we learn of the incredible opportunities that new tech will bring in the next 10-20 years, we will be free in a way never before seen on planet earth. Even more compelling is what technology aliens will share with us that can become accessible to all without our governments using them only for their own personal power games.

Who knows why aliens are here with us, but they are and have been for a very long time. Maybe they have a message for us, and who knows, maybe one day they will speak to us in words. DO you think we are ready to accept this? Does it make you scared or relieved to think that aliens exist and are here with us? Im always curious what others think.. I have always felt that this universe is too big for us to be alone. Just how big is this universe anyway? Well, id like to end by sharing a really special short video animation.. the best i have seen, that shows you the great scale of things, in a way that we can understand.


If you would like to listen to some more interesting thoughts from Russel Brand check this video out. It is a very level headed and grounded chat.. Russell handles this topic very well!


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