Back soon ... I'm making Pizza for a thousand people, with no oven! I do love a challenge!!!

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I'll be offline on 12th -16th Feb whilst i partake in what i hope is a fun and productive challenge! Most people who Know me know how much i love Pizza, both making and eating it! I haven't had an oven for 15 years now, and so ive learned other ways to make things like bread, pizza and even cakes without one. So, next week I am headed to a very large and probably quite crazy Psy trance festival called Spirit Gust that’s happening in the forest an hour away from where I live in South India.

Will three of us be able to pull it off, or will we be engulfed in over yeasting dough with no one eating our special pizza offerings? Can we make 500+ pizzas on a few frying pans and a blow torch? You'll have to check in with me next time and see!!! I will be sure to take a few pictures as I'm sure this one will be fun to see.. I'm going to be pioneering "THE MEGA 12" NEW YORK SLICE", this baby is huge will satisfy anyone's pizza cravings, however big!

SO, ill do my best to check in IF i have 4G signal, and in the meantime @artemislives will be keeping our curation train going, now up-voting with a combined 60,000 Steem Power! So keep those amazing posts coming, and lets together make this world a better place! That's what I'll be doing next week, I'm sure we will put a lot of smiles on people faces whilst they eat totally yummy pizza! . oh and of course im making a cashew vegan option.. i think they will wear the biggest smiles ;-)

catch you all soon! time for me to start fermenting those cashews!


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Please, endeavour to send me some pizza through the Internet. I'll be waiting.

Ooh shit, I was hoping no one would ask me that! ;)

You should expect surprises on Steemit because you're dealing with the whole world. I'm writing from Nigeria, and expectant the pizza will fly through the Internet to my table. Anxiously waiting! Thanks in advance.

LOL.... I am imagining some truly SPECTACULAR little @threespeak videos coming out of that! Sounds AWESOME and what a GREAT practice run and learning forum for your own dance-extravaganza in Portugal.

Play hard, play safe. x

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Certainly sounds worthy of a video if you can manage it!

Enjoy your time offline, I'm sure you will!

thank you! yes i will im sure.. this is gonna be epic .. and thats the crazy end of epic! Its very anarchic (in a good way) out here, especially in the rural parts where we are.. deeep in the mountains forest.. with no real oversight, rules or regulations.. just freedom.. 1000 people letting it all out...

kodai mountains are the only ones in India that have shrooms growing wild.. sort of adds to the atmosphere ;-)

Crikey that does sound awesome!

Looks like one mighty fun challenge Alex.

Will you be able to video any of the event (and the pizza making)?

well.. i will bring my phone gimble for fun.. id say a good chance i get something filmed.. and a good chance we get some happy faces of people eating pizza.. and god only knows what else.. the pizza making i have to film really as most people dont know how to make one on a pan!/./ (comes out almost the same as an oven)...

Me included - very interested to learn how you cook them...

Never heard about Spirit Gust, but upon exploring more about it, it looks unique and I am sure, you will enjoy your time.

thank you.. yes its a little bit underground.. not mainstream thats for sure!